Mr Sax

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Mr Sax
Mr Sax
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman, Rayman Bowling
Location Mr Sax's Hullaballoo

Portrayed by Chris Bénard

Resistance 12 HP
Attacks Wrong notes, musical grenades, stomping

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Mr Sax is a gigantic, malevolent saxophone, and the second of the six main bosses in the original Rayman game. He is the ruler of Band Land, a surreal country composed mainly of music and musical instruments.

Mr. Sax forms part of the third and final boss hybrid in the final battle that takes place in Mr Dark's Dare at the end of Rayman 1.

Rayman 1

Allegro Presto

He is first encountered in Allegro Presto. At the end of this level, Rayman finds that the vicious wrong notes which have been plaguing him throughout Band Land are coming from Mr Sax. When the two first meet, Mr Sax blows another wrong note at Rayman, then turns and flees. The two confront each other again in Mr Sax's Hullaballoo, where the boss chases Rayman through a pathway of clouds, and Rayman finds that he can hurt Mr Sax and slow him down by punching his wrong notes back at him. Rayman uses this to his advantage in the following battle, defeating Mr Sax once and for all. When beaten, he reforms and begins to dance, like most of the game's bosses.

Mr Sax is pursuing Rayman
Mr Sax blowing out a wrong note

Mr Sax's Hullaballoo

In Mr Sax's Hullaballoo, he starts blowing wrong notes again, which can be punched back to hurt him. Then, he starts chasing Rayman, who can also punch the static wrong notes that stand in his way. This way, he can take take away up to 9 of his 12 life points, making the final battle much easier.

Mr Sax's main attacks consist in blowing wrong notes of different kinds at Rayman. The first type looks exactly like sliding wrong notes, except that one hit is enough to throw them back to the sender. He can even blow three of them at a time. They can also be found on Rayman's way when he is pursued by Mr Sax: in this case, they float in the air, and punching them will send them at him.

Mr Sax blowing out two wrong notes
A wrong note punched back by Rayman
Mr Sax blowing out three wrong notes

The second type of wrong note are round notes which explode in the air and free eight tiny invincible wrong notes in the shape of the first type. Mr Sax can blow two of them at the same time, making it much harder to dodge the tiny notes.

Mr Sax blowing out a fragmentation wrong note
A fragmentation wrong note exploding...
...and freeing tiny wrong notes

The third type follow a curved trajectory and explode on the ground. They're the same shape as the second type.

Mr Sax blowing out an explosive wrong note
The effect of an explosive wrong note

Mr Sax's attacks also include stomping on Rayman, though he is quite easy to dodge. Once beaten, he starts dancing, and appears to be no longer hostile.

Mr Sax trying to stomp Rayman
Mr Sax is defeated
Mr Sax dancing

Rayman Bowling

Mr Sax makes a cameo appearance in 'Fire' and 'Bolt', the last two levels of the game.

Mr Sax in the "Fire" stage
Mr Sax in the "Bolt" stage