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Latest news

Wednesday, February 17th 2016:

Ubisoft announced that the original Rayman is to be released on iOS tomorrow.

by Hunchman801

Friday, January 1st 2016:

Pirate-Community wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

by Hunchman801

Tuesday, November 17th 2015:

Ubisoft announced in today's live stream that Rayman Adventures will be released on December 3rd for iOS and Android.

by Hunchman801

Monday, November 16th 2015:

Join us tomorrow, 17 Nov., at 5 PM (Paris time) for a live stream celebrating 20 years of #Rayman with creator Michel Ancel! Send your questions via Twitter @RaymanGame, #Rayman20thLive, or in the Twitch livestream chat: twitch.tv/ubisoft.

by Ubisoft

Thursday, October 29th 2015:

Rayman Adventures was released today on the Apple TV and is now available to download from the App Store

The mobile version of the game should be available this winter.

by Hunchman801

Wednesday, September 30th 2015:

Show us how you're celebrating 20 Years of Rayman!

Are you a Rayman Super Fan? Well, show us what you’ve got!

Submit your fan video for a chance to win a trip to the Ubisoft Montpellier Studio in the South of France for a VIP experience!

Creativity, a camera, and a love for Rayman are the only things you'll need to compete!

You have until October 30th to submit your video

Here are some ideas to get you started:

"Thanks for the Raymemories"

- Re-enact a scene or a moment from your favorite Rayman game

- Tell or act out for us your best Rayman anecdote or gameplay experience

"Who's the Biggest Fan?"

- Show off your spectacular collection of Rayman memorabilia

- Capture a moment of major Rayman super-fandom that will awe everyone

"Cosplay Walk-off!"

- Strut the catwalk in your best Rayman cosplay


- VIP Experience at the Ubisoft Montpellier Studio with Rayman creator Michel Ancel and the Rayman team!

- Commemorative Rayman 20th Anniversary Medallion

- Rayman & Ubisoft Montpellier 20th Anniversary Tote Bag

- Lithograph signed by Michel Ancel and the Rayman team

- Free copy of "L'histoire de Rayman" book

- Free Rayman game

2nd to 5th PLACE PRIZES:

- Commemorative Rayman 20th Anniversary Medallion

- Rayman & Ubisoft Montpellier 20th Anniversary Tote Bag

- Lithograph signed by Michel Ancel and the Rayman team

- Free Rayman game

Good luck!

by Ubisoft

Saturday, August 8th 2015:

Today marks the twelfth birthday of our community. A new Rayman game, Rayman Adventures, was announced last month and should be available this fall. As for Pirate-Community, 89,132 messages were posted on its forum last year, totalling 1,049,153, over the million milestone for the first time. RayWiki now boasts 4349 articles in seven languages, 1931 more than last year. Several additions were made to RayTunes, notably the new high-quality Rayman 3 soundtrack and the Tonic Trouble and Beyond Good & Evil soundtracks.

Major work is also planned on the website and more information should be available in autumn. In the meantime, we count on you to keep making this place the one and only Rayman community.

Long live Rayman, long live Pirate-Community!

by Hunchman801

Friday, August 8th 2014:

Eleven years have passed since Pirate-Community was created, and we are stronger than ever, still proud to provide the Rayman community with the best resources and services available on the internet! Our forum, the largest ever, now contains 960021 messages, with 163312 posted last year, 49563 more than our previous record. RayWiki, the most complete collaborative encyclopedia, now features 2418 articles in five languages, 565 more than a year ago. RayTunes has seen new additions to its incredible music database, the Rayman 3 Hall of Fame is still active with new records being broken, and RaySaves, a new hub for Rayman savegames, has recently joined Pirate-Community and is being developed.

Thank you for your support, long live Rayman, long live Pirate-Community!

by Hunchman801

Wednesday, March 12th 2014:

Michel Ancel and the Rayman Legends Dev Team will be live streaming on Twitch this Friday, March 14th from 5:30-7:30 pm (Paris time)! Come ask your questions and join the fun at: http://www.twitch.tv/ubisoft

by Ubisoft

Saturday, February 8th 2014:

RaySaves, the site for Rayman savegames, was transferred to Pirate-Community. You can currently find savegames for the original Rayman and Rayman 3, and more games will be added.

by Hunchman801
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Re: The You Game!
< is doing pretty well in "Mercenary Mode" in Samurai Warriors 2. :D
Only a few more battles until Japan's Unification.

Re: Rayman 3 scores
Ah thanks Cut, I forgot about that video :oops2:

PlumGMK wrote:Well I'd certainly enjoy seeing that suggestion of high scores without really hard combos. Do you really think such a strategy could get to 700k?

Certainly. I rushed through the game today on a different PC to get to SBTC for investigations, and I easily got 700k+ just playing each Part of each level once. Granted, I have a lot of practice, but there's definitely ways to get to 700k with mostly easy Combos. I actually had the same idea as 1234 about typing up/recording some "easier" walkthroughs since I feel like people who could try to get into Scoring might immediately be discouraged if they see these abominations we call Combos.

Oh yeah, speaking of "easy": Today, I got the Razoff single Glitch on my first try for the second time. Both times, I hit him with one curved shot and then immediately send another fist flying. Seems like it's a somewhat consistent way to get the single Glitch, which is probably useless for max Score, but I thought it might be interesting anyway. Who knows, maybe there's a way for us to abuse that somehow? Iirc, there should definitely be enough Points to get a maximum in the mansion one way or another.

Also, I wasted an hour today looking for places to do kickflips in SBTC3 - with no success. These holidays are gonna be sooo fun, I'm already fed up with this part...

1234 wrote:I'll join in too. It's not too likely that I'll beat Cuts (let alone MandMs) score in the next time, but at least I'll try to get closer and also defend my current rank, especially since I know that Maz can improve his score extremely quickly, if he wants to and if he has the time.

Good luck, I'll definitely try and chase you down :hehe:

For now, I'm aiming for the following Scores: FC: 50.930, CF: 120.236, BOM: 99.999, LOTLD: 122.339, DOTK: 109.789, LS: 42.880, SBTC: 105.019, HH: 114.309, TOTL: 104.499, Total: 870.000 (non-IPG)

Edit: I also agree with what 1234 said about the videos. I'm all for finally having a clean database, but it's next to impossible to find certain videos because they were/are unlisted.

Re: The You Game!
In fairness, it's a pretty narrow margin, last < checked it's about 3 posts between the threads. < does wonder which thread will prove to be the more popular by the end of the month.

Re: The You Game!
< is not surprised, considering how this one has been almost "buried" a few times recently.

Re: The You Game!
< was reviewing the forum statistics, and to <'s intrigue, < found that the "Guilty or Innocent" thread is the most popular thread this month thus far, moreso than this very thread. The You Game is usually the most popular thread on RPC, it being in second place is not something <'d expect.

Re: Riddles of the Glade - Round 6
Bubble Dreamer?

Re: The You Game!
< wants to not spend as much of Christmas Day in front of the computer screen as < has in previous years…

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