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Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:26 pm:

Hi all,

Pixel Mixers, a community of amateur musicians that make covers of their favourite video game tunes, have made a tribute album consisting of 25 cover songs from the original Rayman game called: Harmony. They worked on this album with support from the original composer of the game, Rémi Gazel.

You can learn more about the tribute here.

by Ray502

Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:58 am:

It's time! Season 100 of the Teensies Quiz will be starting soon, be sure to register in the TTQ Thread if you wish to take part!

A special thanks to all members who helped in organising this event, I do hope it turns out to be an enjoyable and fun season worthy of the 100 season milestone!

by Master

Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:03 am:

Hello all!

A very special milestone approaches for the Teensies Quiz, the RPC trivia game where members are challenged on their Rayman knowledge. To celebrate, a special format is being considered, and we'd like to hear if you agree with having a special format, and if so, what you think of what's been devised thus far.

We're still one quiz away from the 100th, so don't feel rushed, head on over to the Teensies Quiz thread, read over what has been discussed, and voice your thoughts.

by Master

Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:01 pm:

UbiSoft have announced Rayman Legends Definitive Edition, which will release sometime during 2017 on Nintendo's upcoming Switch console.

by Master

Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:20 pm:

Pirate-Community wishes all a Happy New Year, enjoy yourselves!

In other news, the Favourite Rayman Game Survey is now live! Visit the Favourite Rayman Games thread to get started.

by Master

Sun Dec 25, 2016 9:52 pm:

Pirate-Community wishes you a merry Christmas and extends sincere condolences to those unfortunate enough to have had dry turkey for dinner.

by Hunchman801

Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:59 pm:

Hey all,

A survey to replace the poll found in the Favourite Rayman Games thread is in the drafting stage. Please visit the draft version of the survey, try it out, and please post feedback in the aforementioned thread.

It's not anything major, but hey, data collecting is fun, and it's always interesting to see how the fanbases' tastes differ and align. Changes have already been made to the survey in light of the responses given thus far, results will be reset whenever changes are done so members can run through the survey and suggest any further refinements.

I'm hoping to have a final version ready for the New Year, so please do let me know if you've got any feedback, and enjoy!

by Master

Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:10 am:

Rémi Gazel, who composed most of the music from the original Rayman, just launched a Kickstarter campaign for 50,000€ to fund the recording of an album containing 12 songs from his compositions for that game. This new album would of course be available as a digital and CD version but their wish is also to produce a vinyl collector album.
Should backings exceed a second threshold of 115,000€, Rémi's intention is to invite Pixelophonia, a symphonic orchestra dedicated to video game music, to join in.
You can access the Kickstarter campaign and participate by clicking here.

by Hunchman801

Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:06 pm:

Hi all,

I am delighted to announce that Pirate-Community has been successfully updated to a brand new version! Click here for a list of all additions, improvements and other modifications.

Stay tuned, and we hope you'll enjoy this brand new website!

by Hunchman801

Thursday, October 20th 2016:

The new version of the website will be rolled out on Sunday, October 30th. The portal, the forum and the wiki will be shut down for a bit as we set up the new software and migrate the data. Expect a lot of great new features!

by Hunchman801
Latest posts

Re: What Game Consoles Do You Own?
Yeah it's a shame really. Another console I never owned but at them kind of prices, I don't even plan to. I got my saturn for 30 as untested but it actually works fine, but that's risky doing stuff like that. Maybe you could get lucky and someone might sell one cheap without checking the prices, but that's a once in a blue moon thing and you'd have to find it quickly.

Re: This or That?
Old games, but I admit it's probably just because the sample size is much larger. If we consider "new games" as games that came out in the last few years then there's just a much larger amount of games that qualify as "old", so there'll be more great games in that batch.

Having said that I do enjoy some of the qualities that seem to only exist in old games by nature, such as the genres of the time (like the golden age of 3-D platformers), the retro quality (such as the high quality sprite work you mentioned) and generally the philosophy behind games (for example how microtransactions and manipulative money making schemes seem to take priority over selling a fun experience these days).

Do you prefer games with a memorable narrative/adventure such as a Mario or Zelda title, or a purely action based game such as an online competitive game/rhythm game etc.?

Re: Hangman
Really sorry guys, as steo said my sleep schedule's gone a little haywire recently...

E it be!

Code: Select all


_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ E _ E

Incorrect: A

Re: This or That?
Sprites all the way. I think 3d modeling has reached quite the new milestone with the new gen of consoles but sprites will always have that more creative look. Neo Geo will always be peak for me in terms of sprite design, absolutely gorgeous. The animations are something to note to, some of those insanely over the top animations really can't be done in 3d- or at least not as well, take Metal Slug for example.

Old or new games?

Re: Toothpaste Myth For Scratched Game Discs
Steocullen91 wrote: I hate them having scratches on them too and I take care of them lately but I often get given scratched ones for free. Even when I bought that Rayman Triple Pack for PS2, Revolution is actually the only disc that's in good condition while 3 had laser burn marks and M has a lot of scratches. I can't even complain to the seller because they still work somehow.

That's unfortunately the bullet you have to bite with collecting these things now, is just sort of accept the scratches as long as you know the game works, but you'll need to take extra good care of it at that point.

I've actually been collecting a lot of Ps1 games lately (just paid $80 for Castlevania SoTN, kill me) and I make like absolutely 100% sure there are either no or minuscule scratches before buying stuff now. I don't mind a few scratches, but I want to make sure the game works in its entirety. Even minor issues such as music skipping are real annoying to me.

Re: Riddles of the Glade - Round 8
Those don't have to stick to anything.

C4: It's a stationary object, that upon impact damages the player.

C4A: The object will always have to stick to the ground or a certain wall.

C4B: The object is a part of a recurring enemy species in the Rayman series, however this type of the enemy makes his first appearance a long time after their original debut.

Re: What Game Consoles Do You Own?
I own a copy of Rayman 1 jaguar, but no Jaguar. However, I do want to get a Jaguar to play this version of the game for sure.

Edit: Jeez, you weren't kidding about the Jaguar console prices, I swear these were ranging in the like $100-$150 range last year, but now they're straight up going for $300+, kind of sucks because I really wanted one of those for a few more games other than Rayman, oh well.

Re: Guilty or Innocent Game
Guilty time and time again and I end up squeezing them in frustration but don't wanna smash them :P

Ever try blame someone for talking/distracting you when you get killed in a game even though it was really your fault and you're just slightly frustrated?

Re: What Game Consoles Do You Own?
I never actually played the Crash games on GBA but I must give them a try some day. I have the GBA Rayman games and I plan to get every copy of the main series Rayman games for every console I have. I'm not far off, but the Jaguar is the one that's gonna get me as the consoles are likely very hard to get. Especially the Rayman game for it since I assume that's fairly rare.

Re: Guilty or Innocent Game
Guilty. I have had those moments before. :lol:

Ever blamed the controller for making a mistake on a video game?

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