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Latest news

Friday, 30th December 2005:

The moderating team has decided, for Christmas, to give a last chance to the banned members matyuv and th3()ne, moderators in test period when they were banned. Jona, moderator at this time, will remain banned.

by Hunchman801

Sunday, 25th December 2005:

The whole Pirate-Community team wishes you a merry Christmas!

As promised, here is the great present, the famous screenshots of the different "records" that were established this year, the 100 000th post of the board and the 300th page of its biggest topic!

The last message before the 100 000...

The 100 000th message of PC!

And the 100 001th!

by Romano

Sunday, 10th December 2005:

Today, Supmachin has returned to the French moderating team after having been away for ages. Welcome back!

by Hunchman801

Friday, 18th November 2005:

Sorry for being late, but I wanted to check personally this piece of news. You may have heard about it, but now be sure of it: a new Rayman game was announced for 2006, so we can wait for it to be available in 2007! Furthermore, Michel Ancel should at new head the development!

Count on Pirate-Community to inform yourself about it!

by Hunchman801

Saturday, 12th November 2005:

This evening were posted the 100,000th message of Pirate-Community and just afterwards the first message of the 300th page of its biggest topic.

In order to enjoy this great day, every member who has posted today will be added 1000 Tings. Thank you all.

by Hunchman801

Sunday, 16th October 2005:

As you may have noticed it, Tings earned yesterday were doubled. Other "tings days" are to come. You still have to know when ;)

by Romano

Friday, October 7th 2005:

After disrespectful actions towards other members, three English moderators were definitively banned.

It is, of course, a pity such things happen, it's why I remind you that although this forum is first to its members, several things remain unacceptable, and spam is one of them.

Go on having fun on PC ;)

by Romano

Monday, September 19th 2005:

It has been a fortweek since I'm the new admin, that's why I post this news to give my first opinions about the Pirate-Community webmastering.

First I want to thank all active members, without them RaymanPC would be a forum among so many others.

Let's stick back to the subject, no problem occured during this fortweek, and I want to congratulate the moderating teams, english and french, for keeping this forum clean.

Have fun on Pirate-Community and enjoy it ;)

by Romano

Sunday, September 4th 2005:

During my last day on Pirate-Community, I added a few features to it. It's no use listing them, you should discover them by yourself (just note that the search function is at new available).

Good luck, Romain ;)

by Hunchman801

Wednesday, August 31st 2005:

Pirate-Community has totally moved on its new hoster. There only remains one problem: the search function isn't available yet. It should be fixed quickly.

by Hunchman801
Latest posts

Re: Video game console disc problems
Ray502 wrote:My PS2 struggles to read blue discs. Keeps making a clicking noise, preventing the game from starting. I have to either reset the console or hit it repeatedly to stop it. Lately though it has been fine. Don't know if that's a common problem or not.

My PS3 will try to eject a disc by itself when trying to load a game I inserted seconds prior. It makes the eject sound but doesn't actually eject the disc. That's rare though.

Other than that, I have had no problems with loading games that are console-related.

That's a common problem with a lot of PS2 consoles, you can try turning the console on with no game in it, press triangle then go to console and press x. Enable diagnostics and then put in a blue disc again. That's supposed to help calibrate the laser for CD games since it reads DVD games no problem from what you're saying.

WizardMinecraft wrote:
Ray502 wrote:My PS3 will try to eject a disc by itself when trying to load a game I inserted seconds prior. It makes the eject sound but doesn't actually eject the disc.

That's what my PS3 does (it happened 3-4 months ago) however, it doesn't load the game and it makes a noise that happens some time when you load a file for a game after the eject sound and a what i think is a re-inserting disk sound plays. is there a fix to it?

Unfortunately you'll need to know how to take apart the PS3 to be able to do anything. You can try to clean the laser with alcohol and you might get lucky. The good news is lasers can be had now for less than €10 they're gone very cheap. What model is the PS3? There's 2 different laser types for both fat and slim.

Edit: That's not the sound of the disc ejecting but the drive mechanism resetting and moving the laser back to the resting position as it couldn't read the disc.

Edit 2: Turn the PS3 upside down and give it a good shaking. If it's only dust there's a small chance this might help but I doubt it. It'd likely need to opened. Opening them is actually easy and it's a lot better than spending crazy money that Sony will want from you.

If it just started happening out of the blue and will not read on even 1/10 attempts then the diode is likely gone bad in the laser and you'll need a new one. They literally aren't expensive but no harm in trying to clean it first. If you have no idea how to do it yourself then surely you know someone or have a place near you that repairs computers? Some of them are robbers though for what would take 10 minutes (changing a PS3 laser). Just handy for me that I do all that stuff myself.

Re: Music you are listening to now!
Fifo wrote:you’re not the only one :D

Good taste in music I see :D

Ah, good auld Mark Knopfler

Re: Pluses (+) and minuses (−) of this day
— Lost my Rayman server :cry:
— Regretting it a bit
+ Well, atleast I can moderate a more organized server

Re: Music you are listening to now!
steocullen91 wrote:
Fifo wrote:Haha, you might as well just get a turntable, a vinyl copy of the song and an audio system :D

Now I just need a lot of money and somewhere to store one of them :lol:
Haha, indeed.

steocullen91 wrote:Seriously though I love that song :D
you’re not the only one :D

Re: How's the weather?
The sky is blue... The sky is BLUE. Oh my God that looks gorgeous, I forgot what the sky looked like it's been so long since I've seen it. There's not a cloud in the sky and the sun is out. It's still cold as of yet but I'm not even going to complain because I got to see sky and that yellow sun :)

At the moment 4°C feels like 2°C

Re: Music you are listening to now!
Fifo wrote:Haha, you might as well just get a turntable, a vinyl copy of the song and an audio system :D

Now I just need a lot of money and somewhere to store one of them :lol:

Seriously though I love that song :D

Re: weird commercials
Allow me to make a playlist a some point because I could have an absolute field day looking up adverts on YouTube.

Re: You know you suck at Rayman when...
I remember that power being in both Warped and TWoT but knowing me I'll still keep pressing x to try fly :lol:

At least the run button is R2 (same as I use in RO and RL :))

Re: Guilty or Innocent Game
Guilty though sometimes I use my phone like that instead.

Ever have a computer that keeps randomly blue screening and trying to figure out why is a headache?

Re: Please introduce yourself here
Not again, I hate competition.

I’ve also got one that has more than 100 members: https://discord.gg/w6x4PYc

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