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Latest news

Friday, 30th December 2005:

The moderating team has decided, for Christmas, to give a last chance to the banned members matyuv and th3()ne, moderators in test period when they were banned. Jona, moderator at this time, will remain banned.

by Hunchman801

Sunday, 25th December 2005:

The whole Pirate-Community team wishes you a merry Christmas!

As promised, here is the great present, the famous screenshots of the different "records" that were established this year, the 100 000th post of the board and the 300th page of its biggest topic!

The last message before the 100 000...

The 100 000th message of PC!

And the 100 001th!

by Romano

Sunday, 10th December 2005:

Today, Supmachin has returned to the French moderating team after having been away for ages. Welcome back!

by Hunchman801

Friday, 18th November 2005:

Sorry for being late, but I wanted to check personally this piece of news. You may have heard about it, but now be sure of it: a new Rayman game was announced for 2006, so we can wait for it to be available in 2007! Furthermore, Michel Ancel should at new head the development!

Count on Pirate-Community to inform yourself about it!

by Hunchman801

Saturday, 12th November 2005:

This evening were posted the 100,000th message of Pirate-Community and just afterwards the first message of the 300th page of its biggest topic.

In order to enjoy this great day, every member who has posted today will be added 1000 Tings. Thank you all.

by Hunchman801

Sunday, 16th October 2005:

As you may have noticed it, Tings earned yesterday were doubled. Other "tings days" are to come. You still have to know when ;)

by Romano

Friday, October 7th 2005:

After disrespectful actions towards other members, three English moderators were definitively banned.

It is, of course, a pity such things happen, it's why I remind you that although this forum is first to its members, several things remain unacceptable, and spam is one of them.

Go on having fun on PC ;)

by Romano

Monday, September 19th 2005:

It has been a fortweek since I'm the new admin, that's why I post this news to give my first opinions about the Pirate-Community webmastering.

First I want to thank all active members, without them RaymanPC would be a forum among so many others.

Let's stick back to the subject, no problem occured during this fortweek, and I want to congratulate the moderating teams, english and french, for keeping this forum clean.

Have fun on Pirate-Community and enjoy it ;)

by Romano

Sunday, September 4th 2005:

During my last day on Pirate-Community, I added a few features to it. It's no use listing them, you should discover them by yourself (just note that the search function is at new available).

Good luck, Romain ;)

by Hunchman801

Wednesday, August 31st 2005:

Pirate-Community has totally moved on its new hoster. There only remains one problem: the search function isn't available yet. It should be fixed quickly.

by Hunchman801
Latest posts

Re: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer (Rayman style!)
Brad. ;D

What does Dragon Chef make you think of?

Re: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer (Rayman style!)
Me :D

What does Barbara make you think of? :P

Re: You have symptoms of a Rayman fever when...
Yup we have Rayman fevers now! :D

Re: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer (Rayman style!)
Me. :lol:

What does a Mockingbird make you think of? 8)

Re: Guilty or Innocent Game
Guilty, now that I'm thinking about it.

Joined a Discord Channel before?

Re: Guilty or Innocent Game
That's scary, that's a 64x64 jumping eye that Harpic put on the wiki but I upscaled it with Waifu2x :lol: (the edges remained jagged though)

Guilty (though not often since I like doing stuff that annoys me sometimes like spending hours fixing stuff)

Ever wondered what that would do to a Rayman 2 and Rayman 3 model?

Re: Guilty or Innocent Game
:lol: :lol:

Guilty. :D

Spent a whole day relaxing?

Re: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer (Rayman style!)
Spiraling out of control :lol:

What does Jano make you think of?

Re: The Failure Quest
Sonic was at Green Hill Zone more like Sand Hill right now and tried to fight Eggman in his Egg Carrier. Then he was suddenly swept off the grou nd by a mysterious gust of wind that blew him to the Mystic Ruins. Sonic suddenly got attacked by Infinite, Sonic tried to fight him but got quickly defeated and captured and Eggman succeeds in taking over the world, though all is not lost as Knuckles rallies up Sonic's friends and others to rebel against Eggman, known as the Resistance. 6 month laters, the Resistance recruited a newbie to the group, code name unknown. Knuckles sent Unknown to the Chemical Plant, where he is suddenly attacked by infinite, who does not recognize him but prepares to destroy him anyway, when a fiery tornado comes flying out of nowhere and hits him in the back, disorienting him and allowing Unknown to continue his quest to find the magic compass that will enable the Resistance to find Sonic. When Unknown were about to inflitrate a ship to go to the Death Egg, Rayman and Globox come suddenly from a portal and say "Hello there" and Unknown say "General Ray !" Then Unknown transform into General Grievous when Rayman and Globox prepare to fight the cyborg, when Blaze appeared again out of nowhere and attacked it with her blazing whirlwind which knocked it unconscious. They all decide to stand next to each other and use team blast in order to turn the cyborg back into Unknown. It was then that they ended up at The Fairy Glade for no reason where the mysterious fairies, Ly, along with Betilla and her sisters, were meditating because they just felt like unwinding after a stressful day. After that they decided to examine the Great Snoring Tree to see what happened, since it was not snoring like it usually did. As they walk inside they find Polokus ill. He said "that magician is only a 2 faced wanker! He gave me tea that he had sharted into, someone must let Rayman know what he's up to". So they went to find Rayman only to find Unknown. This is where they decided they were going to piss all over the magicians possessions for killing off Ssssam and selling him to Razoff and sending Clark away from the Glade. They first set off to find out who's idea it was to replace Ly with Tily and kick 7 shades of shit out of them while Rayman and Globox set off with Unknown to find the real Ly, who was kidnapped and was taken to a pirate stronghold deep in the glade. Once there, they discovered a strange scene: Ly using her fireballs to destroy the pirates. This was due to a grammatical error which changed "marry Ly" into "Marily" causing her to gain Mario's powers. Just as suddenly, Unknown suddenly has a sword and shield appear in his hands, along with other tools. It appears a new "curse" has appeared in the glade which gives the characters heroes' powers. Globox soon finds himself able to literally glow-in-the-dark due to his ability to control electricity and Rayman suddenly sucked him and spit him out which gives him the same ability, though for a short time. Then Jonster come and say "Hey, why i am not here ? This is supposed to be The Jonster 4 !" A machine gun was then given to The Jonster. With the power of anger inside him, he uses the machine gun and his swearing profanity to kill all the rest of the Robo-pirates and find the cure. In order to find the cure he must feck toast at a random stranger as Rayman uses grimace and then Globox slaps the stranger in the back of the head. The Jonster quickly spread bleu cheese and cat piss on a piece toast and smacks it on the stranger's face, which causes the stranger's head to explode.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: You have symptoms of a Rayman fever when...
When sleeping makes you think of the limbless wonder :D

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