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Re: Rayman Origins
Yeah, I figured that the memory card was a scam as it only has 64KB worth of space instead of 64MB so I definitely need to have an official 8MB one.

Re: Rayman Origins
Without Gallium 9? You need that or else there's a lot of missing sprites. Even on the main map, the red lines are missing.

Also I'm talking about just overwriting a save and it takes over twice as long as it does on my official card. I have a modded memory card too meaning I can boot FMCB and I confirm that it has a slower write speed than the official card in every way.

Re: ducks rayboy art only for kool kids
AudRay 2? :fou:

Re: Rayman Origins
The larger the storage the longer it takes to find empty space to save your games and the longer it takes to find where your saves are stored at on the card, then again the PS2 isn't the faster hardware on the market so offical or not it is going to be slow at loading games and saving and loading save data. In regards to bigger being better the bigger storage is in fact better, you can fit more saves on a memcard with more storage but if you want a good mem card that's unoffical get the one that lets you convert usb to memery card youl get all the storage you need and the write and read speeds will depend on your usb flash drive in the usb slot of that memcard. I tried the Rayman Origins PC version demo through Wine the other day, the game ran well on Linux for me.

Re: The You Game!
< is spending today installing games on the Wii U since < has gotten the NNID sorted and the new SD card arrived.

Re: ducks rayboy art only for kool kids
oldie but a goodie :3

Re: The You Game!
Fifo wrote:
Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:29 pm
< says “yo” to everyone here
< will copycat ^ and say hello to everyone here too! :D

But on a serious note, hi ^! How is ^ doing? < wishes that ^ would stick around longer instead of popping in and out every now and then but < understands if ^ is busy. :)

Re: How's the weather?
I think Ray's the only guy around here who uses "degrees" unqualified to mean Fahrenheit. It was weird at first, but now I'm used to it. :fou:

Re: Rayman Origins
If it's corrupted then it won't. If you had a freemcboot card then you'd be able to copy the save to a USB stick and have a chance of finding out what's wrong with it, but without that there's not much you can do. I guess you could still always try moving it to another card when you get one and see what happens. You have nothing to lose anyway since it's already corrupt.

EDIT: On the subject or Origins, I almost have it working properly on Linux :P

Re: Rayman Origins
I see, so do you think the official one will fix not being able to read the save?

EDIT: I will go back to the game and see what that error message said.

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Sunday, September 4th 2005:

During my last day on Pirate-Community, I added a few features to it. It's no use listing them, you should discover them by yourself (just note that the search function is at new available).

Good luck, Romain ;)

by Hunchman801

Wednesday, August 31st 2005:

Pirate-Community has totally moved on its new hoster. There only remains one problem: the search function isn't available yet. It should be fixed quickly.

by Hunchman801

Thursday, August 25th 2005:

We have just moved the Pirate-Community files on our new hoster. The new hosting is very complete and powerful, but since I'm away for a few days, we didn't have time to move the database, the site should be unavailable again soon, for a few hours.

by Hunchman801

Monday, August 22nd 2005:

Here is a good news, the fists glitch is normally fixed. It was a bad functioning in the indication of new posts (golden fists). If it still occurs, please tell me about it. But the wrong post time order glitch remains ununderstandable and can't be technically fixed, it is strange it isn't mentioned anywhere, since it was even present on the old RaymanZone forums...

by Hunchman801

Thursday, August 18th 2005:

From now, Romano Productions is officially administrator of Pirate-Community, like me. Note that providentia is the English super moderator now. I also added new powers to super moderators, who can now modify their moderating teams. Another power should be soon given to them, while I'm fixing glitches.

by Hunchman801

Monday, August 15th 2005:

I came back to France on yesterday evening, around ten o'clock. I will miss many people I met in Greece, and I greet them here. In the next days, I'll do the job I had promised to realize. Thanks to those who managed Pirate-Community during these two weeks.

by Hunchman801

Monday, August 8th 2005:

Hello all,
On this Monday, August 8th 2005, Pirate-Community is two years old. After the official community was abandoned by its administrators and overran by spammers, I created Pirate-Community. While it is unfortunate that the RaymanZone went down in such a way, if it hadn't happened we wouldn't be here today, so it's all for the greater good!
Pirate Community was popular and active since the beginning. But I won't tell you its story, the historical review we're currently working on will inform you better than I ever could, for sure. 44158 messages have been posted during the first year, and 46888 during the second, making the PC the most important Rayman community. But now, it's time to pass on the torch. My admission, this year, to engineer studies, is no more compatible with a full-time administration of such a wide community. What Pirate-Community became, I'm proud of it. You understood it, the prosperity of the PC is a great stake, and the one who is able to take up the gauntlet is Romano Production. You already know Romain, a friend of mine, a competent and pleasant moderator and a computer expert, who will now administrate the technical part of PC. Please welcome my successor, the hard task of preserving the PC is his responsibility. During my absence, which should last at least two years, I count on you to do your best in order to preserve this forum you love.

by Hunchman801

Saturday, July 23rd 2005:

Tings were given on yesterday evening, the members in the list below were given 2500 Tings.

Allah Allix, Anarchrist, Blasted, Canard WC, cavalier007, Clom, Coolfan, Danuzone, Drolpiraat, Flameman90098, GF Daxy2, Gunchman888, HEYHWA, Hunchman1000, Hunchman801, Hypercool7, jeje78, Jona, Matyuv, miss_ceres_online, Ogre, Oman, Phoenixan, providentia, Rayeli, Reflux - Rayman, Romano Productions, survivor, th3()ne, timoo, Veggie Warrior, Xenon09, yoda, Yoda Des Bois Heureux.

I finally managed to get a screenshot of the record, click here to have a look at it!

by Hunchman801

Friday, July 22nd 2005:

Thanks to all members who helped Pirate-Community to reach the 40 online members! Tings will be updated as soon as I can, as the screenshots and the online members listing will be!

by Hunchman801

Sunday, July 17th 2005:

It's decided, we'll try to break the online members record on Friday July 22th, from 19h00 to 20h00 (Greenwich time, for England ; if you have a doubt about your time zone, ask in the topic)! Remain online during the whole hour and often refresh the page, at least each 5 minutes! And please invite friends!

By the way, the new version of the Pirate-Community portal is finished! Sorry if it took a few time, I had problems with my computer.

by Hunchman801

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