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Vendredi 12 décembre 2003 :

Le forum de la Pirate-Community fait son retour après plus d'une semaine de désactivation... Vous aurez droit à un nouveau design, à une amélioration du système de points (avec éradication du No-Tings bug) et à d'autre updates sympathiques :) ! Notez que le forum est désormais incontournable !

by Hunchman801

Dimanche 23 novembre 2003 :

Le site NotrAmiRayman de jeremus entre dans la Pirate-Community !

by Hunchman801

Mercredi 19 novembre 2003 :

La Pirate-Community revient en force !!! Premièrement, le site portail est remasterisé et les bugs corrigés ! Ensuite, les sites RaymanBD et RaymanTCG ont changé de design et d'hébergeur ! La 2ème page de la BD Rayman & le Complot Razordark est publiée sur RaymanBD ! La liste complète des cartes de l'édition Rayman2 est publiée sur RaymanTCG ! Le site RaymanENCYCLO ouvre avec l'Encyclopedia Raymania V2.0 ! Aussi, n'hésitez pas à venir nous rejoindre sur le forum, qui possède désormais un système de points et atteint déjà les 14500 messages !!!

by Hunchman801

Jeudi 11 septembre 2003 :

Le nouveau site de la Pirate-Community ouvre ! N'hésitez pas à visiter les sites de la plus grande communauté Rayman non officielle !! Le forum est ouvert à vos questions et discussions !!!

by Hunchman801

Friday, August 8th 2003:

[Info] Pirate-Community forum is open.

by Hunchman801
Latest posts

Re: The You Game!
< is thinking about trying out the Menezis minigame since < has Rayman 2 for Project64 someday.

Re: The You Game!
< went out today to buy things for fixing up <'s cosplay

Re: Rayman 3 scores
Maz wrote:2 Hoodbooms with the HMF in DOTK7? Scratch that, it's possible to get all 4 (AND their Lums) before it runs out.

All four? :shock:
I tried it today again, but I actually can't even get the first one with the HMF. On my old PC I could barely get one iirc.
As an estimation I'd say that about 2 seconds are missing. The HMF powerup stays for about 12 seconds. If I can generalize that, it'd mean that 2 seconds on your/Cuts PC correspond to about 1.7 seconds on my PC, I think, so maybe I shouldn't expect too much from the Heckler in HH2...

At least I know that it's not (just) because of my inability, but rather due to some platform differences. :wink:

Maz wrote:Anyway, good luck with HH.

Thanks! Good luck to you as well in CF and in your quest for 900k! :)
I guess that'll be the first score over 130k in a level then (aside from TAS-scores).
Do you actually know how many points are theoretically possible in this level with the IPGs and the double Hoodlums?

By now I'm also working on the video list, which I said I'd do. Stupidly I underestimated the amount of videos we have, so I guess it'll take some time.
Also, Cut, how exactly should the list actually look like, so that we can include it conveniently in your tool you are/were working at? Basically I simply take the links (including the names of the respective combos) and sort them by level, part and roughly by the order how you are supposed to play them. Is that ok or is there more I should bear in mind?

Re: Favourite Rayman Game Survey
Well, it looks like we've got quite a few responses, already at 30, which just over half as many responses we got for last year's survey. With the survey still being filled in, I wanted to take note of potential improvements for next year's survey. I never did properly jot down potential avenues for improvement for when I was working on this years', which has led to some haphazardness, I feel.

  • Change the difficulty rating system to a score rather than ranking
  • Possibly scrap the favourite aspect questions, and replace with scoring each game's aspects
  • Give a better highlight about rating a 0 meaning that you've not played the game or have no opinion.
  • See if I can't find a way to calculate stats and box-plots within the spreadsheet
  • Give better explanations for the future approach question
  • Keyboard as a control style

Also, blimey, the UbiArt titles certainly don't resonate, over 50% of respondents at present have said they don't want to see any inspiration from a UbiArt title in a future game.

Re: RayTwol ~ Rayman 2 level editor (1.0 release)
Juan_m_2 wrote:
Adsolution wrote:If anyone's curious, I was writing a PS1 level format documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ac0 ... pSeL5CuvGc

That's cool! That would allow to make custom Rayman PSX games, or porting Rayman to new platforms (like HTML5) using the original level files.
Well yeah, though even if you had to re-create the levels from scratch, that'd save pretty much no time compared to how long it'd take to re-program the rest of the game. :P

Rock_TBT wrote:Is it possible to add custom models into the game usin the RayTwol program?

There are some models in Rayman M (Rayman Arena, Rayman Rush), which would be great to include in the game.

The models in Rayman 2 look dated.
No. I've said quite a few times now that importing geometry is pretty much out of the question, since the pointers for each mesh and its structure are stored statically and all over the place. All you can realistically do is modify the positions of already-existing vertices, which is something that could be used to create kind-of custom levels, which is something I'm working on every now and then.


Re: Rayman: Revenge of the Dark
Drolpiraat wrote:It seems he goes up a bit along the edges of the model and gains momentum from it, which I think he shouldn't, or not to that extent.
I've actually fixed that since the video was posted. The issue was that, while the hills would accelerate him based on their normal, they were disregarding his Z velocity gained from being in the air, which is always 0 while on the ground. His XYZ air velocity now gets correctly reflected into his new ground XY velocity when landing.

For a while I was trying to make his ground-Z movement entirely physics-based (rather than just letting the ground raycast snap him to the right level), but that became way too fiddly and constantly got in the way of trying to make things playable and fun.

Drolpiraat wrote:It's a bit weird that he'd gain enough momentum for that super long jump at the end too. I feel like that's a platform he should have fallen off of before reaching the end based on the momentum he had from the previous jump.
While sliding you can steer left and right, which can give you enough of an edge to pick up the speed from the slope while counter-acting it enough to not fall into the centre. It doesn't make physical sense since Rayman doesn't have rockets on his sides, but it sure is fun. Also, when jumping, he gains additional velocity since he's pushing off the slope he's sliding down at an angle.

Re: The You Game!
< is starting to like using <'s phone in the middle of the night.

Re: Music you are listening to now!

Re: Pluses (+) and minuses (−) of this day
+ Long weekend since a national holiday is ahead
+ A special occasion is happening on that day.
- That might get in the way of my work time.

Re: How's the weather?

A few clouds.

Feels like 100.
Mainly sunny currently with showers developing this evening.

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