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Re: Off Topic
Or maybe the driver shouldn't drink and drive to begin with!?

Re: Off Topic
Yeah, when you're drunk, your coordination is impaired but you don't feel like it is, which results in you taking a regular step forward and somehow tripping, starting a chain reaction of mysteriously failing to do what you would normally instinctually do to recover, and then falling off a cliff. When you're high, your coordination is actually fine more or less, but you feel impaired, which results in you not being sure how, while feeling like your head is a balloon and your limbs are rubber tree trunks, you apparently just flawlessly climbed that jungle gym and hopped across those slippery river stones. If the driver is both high and drunk off some cannabis alcohol, they'll at least be impaired and feel it too!

Re: A Screenshot Memory of RaymanPC's Past! Early 2007 Theme
Doesn't PluM know how to recover them? I'm thinking it might be worth writing a bot for that.

Re: Riddles of the Glade - Round 7

Re: Music you are listening to now!
Angel - Ralph Fridge ( POWERAVE Hardtek Remix )

Re: Movies you just recently watched
I watched the Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix the other day which I thought was better than the reviews made it out to be.
I really liked pretty much every character and the visuals were really well done, in fact the whole movie was at least entertaining if the plot wasn't all that great. Especially the first half of the film which was really promising and could have been made into a genuinely great movie. That's not to say the second half was terrible but the last few minutes of the film did basically undermine everything that had happened until then. Also there was at least one scene with incorrect gravity but I've come to forgive blunders like these in sci-fi space movies.
What I liked especially were some of the visual effects and crazy things that happened during the general chaos after the particle accelerator fails.
Specifically when Volkov's eyes started acting strange which foreshadowed his sudden change in personality (which I found really creepy) and when Mundy's arm was removed by the space station's wall only to reappear with its own personality. The effect with the wall panels was particularly well done and reminded me of the similar scene in Source Code with the imaginary container changing shape.
Finally the very end was pretty disappointing, wherein the majority of the crew die in an effort to bring free energy to earth to fix the energy crisis only to find out that there's an even bigger crisis going on that completely undermines the entire film and was clearly tacked on just for the Cloverfield link.

Either way I would recommend watching it, it was still enjoyable throughout and had some particularly interesting and original scenes.

Re: Music you are listening to now!

Re: Off Topic
i'd pick a high driver over a drunk driver any day. among the positives of legalizing and regulating weed is that it won't be treated as the must-not-be-named spooky drug that needs to be simply discouraged at all costs and instead we can start educating kids about it the same way most schools teach responsibility with alcohol.

Re: Movies you just recently watched
Her : very very very beautiful movie that surpassed all expectations of being "hipster bullshit", it might already be one of my favourites. it's easily the most interesting portrayal of a future setting i've seen, it feels completely realistic and i'm glad they opted to present it through a story that treats none of it as something that needs to be explained to the audience.

i feel like some people might come out of this disappointed that the movie wasn't a wikipedia page documenting how this hypothetical future would work, but that's entirely missing the point: by putting it in a love story that focuses only on what's relevant to that love story it creates a kind of intimacy and understanding of the setting that i don't think you get out of a more traditional approach at depicting the future. you just observe the details as it goes along and it all clicks in your head without the movie ever needing to point it out.

same goes for the themes, i think the social commentary is excellent but it never overshadowed the story it takes place in. you can enjoy it on the surface level as a great love story but there's so much implied and carefully detailed throughout the movie that its impossible not to have it stick around in your head for a while afterwards. i loved that it didn't just acknowledge problems most people are likely to relate to but it also provides solutions for them, at least to me the themes held a much more personal angle that i don't think any other movie has achieved as successfully.

The Commuter : this is literally the exact same movie as Non-Stop, just this time in a train. it's kind of amazing that there's still more of these liam neeson action movies being made, aside from feeling painfully cliched and dated they're also just completely unoriginal in their own rank and -still- riding off the success of Taken. it's kind of a shame too because i do think liam neeson is a great actor and his grumbly old man character has potential, it's just that it begs to be casted into a mature, competent movie, and not these cheesy action flicks. likewise this movie begs to be taken less serious and to be played more self-aware, there's no way the writers actually expected people to be emotionally invested in this.

Re: Rare Rayman Pictures
Eren wrote:I should have some screenshots from *My fair Lacmac* in my archives, they were posted by raygirl a longtime ago, and a lot of other stuff I'll probably add.

With this posted I would like to address something.
Everyone, please feel free to hit me with a DM if you have anything to share that was featured in previous posts, especially if it originated from Photobucket or Imageshack since these are the sites I was able to get the least amount of photos from.

It would also be nice if somebody could get me a higher quality version of this photo, since I know it was posted here at some point:

And lastly l also I did some extra digging and found this person's site, who apparently did work for Rayman 2, Rayman Revolution, Rayman RR1 and Tonic Trouble:
Theres some RRR1 concept art at the bottom of that page which I don't think had been seen before from my research(not sure if some of these were for R4), but I couldn't find anything else sadly.

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