doubt about the first print of Rayman (PS1)

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doubt about the first print of Rayman (PS1)

Postby madeone » Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:21 pm

hello guys i'm Giz and I found your forum through google.. so i've a question to be submitted to the most experts about the first print of Rayman (the PS1 version).. as certainly many will know the first printing of Rayman for PS1 reported on the main cover only the PS (and PAL) logo in the upper left but was not reported the large signature "PlayStation" in lower


however in 2000 the first print with yellow CD inside (that not to be confused with the reissue with grey CD inside) underwent a redesign in which the large signature "PlayStation" bottom was added


the peculiarity of this last edition is that the yellow CD inside has retained copyright 1995 clearly legible on the extreme board but if you read the back cover the copyright is no longer 1995 but 2000.. at this point my question is: has never been existed an issue with the "PlayStation" large signature in lower but however copyrighted 1995 also on the back cover? or the issue with the large lower "PlayStation" signature it was introduced ONLY since 2000 and therefore it is impossible to be an edition with the big "PlayStation" signature and 1995 copyright on the back cover?

instead this is the reissue with gray CD should not be confused and has nothing to do with my topic


i'm sorry but I didn't know how to fit the size of the images I hope ensured by the moderators

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