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Do you think Rayman 1 has a fair difficulty?

Poll ended at Sun Jun 16, 2024 10:32 pm

Yes, I think it's well designed
No, the learning curve isn't adequate
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Re: The Awesome and Cool Rayman Poll Thread

Post by dr_st »

I'll add that the fact that trial and error is required to beat a game is perfectly reasonable. I have absolutely no issue with sections where you have to die once or twice or even many times before you figure out the solution.

What I find unfair is sections where there is no pattern, and no solution either than being extremely precise or just very lucky. And I don't think Rayman 1 has too many of those. I did beat it as a kid, after all.
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Re: The Awesome and Cool Rayman Poll Thread

Post by DaveRattlehead »

All games have sections where you are likely to die/fail the first time you play it. I don't think this is a bad thing (on the contrary, I think it can be boring if the game doesn't challenge you at all). There are games where these parts are more punishing, but eventually you get used to them and the experience is useful for future occasions.

You don't realize this once you (more or less) know the game, but honestly, I don't think Rayman 1 is something that exemplifies the above. Obviously, it has some difficult parts, like some bosses, the inverted controls... But I think the unfair situations are in the majority compared to the difficult situations. Having a spiky fruit appear in your face that you have to dodge in less than a second to avoid dying doesn't make the game difficult, it makes it unfair. Yes, sure, you die once and the next time you dodge that object, but... What's next? Once you memorize all these "traps" (which only artificially create difficulty in an already difficult game), the difficulty is drastically reduced...

Perhaps this is something worth commenting on in the topic of unpopular opinions. Don't get me wrong, I love Rayman 1 (the art, the music... everything) and I ended up completing it because it turned out to be a great challenge.
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