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Video for Rayman 2´s theme (question)

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:57 pm
by Rock_TBT
Just wondering, has anyone ever created an animated intro to accompany Rayman 2´s theme? It is like the music tells the story of Rayman 2, with Robo-Pirates´ factories, Rayman´s journey and freeing cages. I always envision Rayman running and jumping in the foreground and in the backround it is possible to see factories, fortresses and the different worlds Rayman enters.

For example in 00:25 I envision Razorbeard as a looming menace and shadow over Rayman and in 02:05 I envision Razorbeard adn the other Pirates in their nests, patrolling Rayman.

I cannot animate, though.

Here is the link to the music: