List your Top 5 Rayman Tracks For each game in the main series Here!

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List your Top 5 Rayman Tracks For each game in the main series Here!

Postby StelzenBomber » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:42 pm

As the title says, poat you favourites here.

Btw 5 tracks per game

Every main series game counts and ONLY THEM (+RRR GBA)

List atiri jaguar and N64 tracks seperate pls if you do.

Also music levels for ledgends dont count ( would be too easy)
Btw list M/Arena Tracks if you want (I cant i havent played it sadly)

RAyman 1 :

5: Mr . Darks Dare ( ENd boss theme)
4: Stage fright ( Allegro Presto)
3:Mr. Stone ~King of the mountain~ ( Self explanitory)
2: Deep Forst ( First level secound scound screen)
1: Blazing Bass ( Mr. Sax Hubbalu[?])

RAyman 2:

5: Into Of the Stone and fire level ( Im not wirtting the full name)
4:Intro of the rock and lava level (Again whats whith these names?)
3 : Cave of bad dreams (Self explanitory)
2: Boss theme

Rayman 3

5: The hoodstomper ( MAster Kaang)
4: Reflux the Knaaren Worior ( Digeridoo)
3: The HoodBoom ( No explination needed )
2: Hoodoo Sorcer (Hoodoo Theme)
1: LAND OF THE LIVID DEAD! (No explination)

Rayman Origins:

5-1:Land of the livid dead (Cant say i realy like this soundtrack....)

Rayman Ledgends!

5:Creepy Castle
4: Underwater secrets!
3: Fiesta De los Muetos (Invaded)....How do you spell espaniol?
2: LAnd of the livid Dead ( ONLINE CHALLANGES)
1: Fiesta de Las Muertos(Duck level)

RAyman Raving Rabbids GBA bonus!

5: The Dream Forest
4: BONUS LEVEL (The time stages)
3: ENd Boss
2:The Dark world ( Last World)
1: Boss theme!

Im exited to hear your opinion!

(Sorry if i spelled something wrong, especialy the spanish ones)

No replys ... alright

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