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Questions about the "Thechnical Problems"with Rayman DS and 3D

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:23 am
by StelzenBomber
So I was reading the Thechnical problems sektion on the Wiki and some thinges i am questioning.

1: In the Umber Cutscene i never slipped of while riding on him, i did on the flying "Liliypad" in the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava but not on umber, in fact it looked normal to me.
I mean i slipped of on the Ps1 version and not on the DS....Idk why.

2: SSSSSSam can diapear?
I never got this happenning.
It happend on the 3ds tho and on Revolution ( Kinda, rayman and SSSSam where in a sorta T pose) after i compleated the Level 100%.

1:3D has an unstable Framerate...
I Never EVER got any framedrops on OG 3DS and New 3DS... In fact DS , N64 And revolution lagged like hell sometimes ( PAL REVOLUTION more than NTSC)
2:The game has popup...
I only ever got popup on the Shell in the mehnir Hills.
DS and N64 also had popup... Does Dreamcast have popup? Idk i sadly dont own one,
3: "Broken Skyboxes"
Yea the normal one is kanda buggy (If funny in a good way) but its the same on my PC for some reason...
4:"Water and lava textures are often static or improperly mapped."
What does that even mean?
5:Soundeffects are too soft.
I honestly fell like its the same as on EVERY other R2 version i played...
6:Raymans hand does not turn gold after he collects the one powerup.
Can someone look throu the files to see if the texture is even still there?
7:The music Plays at wrong times
Can i get an example of that happening?
I never got that to happen

Anyway...heres some questions i have that idk