Rayman 3 Shadow/Texture Fix!!!

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Rayman 3 Shadow/Texture Fix!!!

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I also posted this as a reply in "Rayman 3 Shadow/Texture Issues" but figured it would actually be seen here.

I fixed all my textures!!!(Solution)

I have the GOG version of the game and all most of my textures were missing, character models were all grey, most of the map was missing, couldn't see lums.
I fixed this issue and got my textures working normally as they should and here's how:
- First get GOG version of game
- Download "Better Rayman 3" (Look it up if you dont know what it is)
- Copy all files from "Better Rayman 3" into the same file as your game
- Open "BR3_Config.exe and deselect "Hardware Vertex Processing"
At this stage if you open up your game most of the textures will have been will have been fixed but now theres all these black patches as if some textures have been blacked out all over the map. Here's the fix:
- Open a file up called "d3d8.ini"
- Set D3d8to9 from 0 to 1
- Set DdrawCompat from 0 to 1
- Set ForceTermination from 0 to 1
- Set SingleProcAffinity from 0 to 1
- Save file
(If you cant save the file because you dont have access:
- Right click the file
- Select "Properties"
- Select "Security" tab
- Select "edit"
- Click on your computer and Select "Full Access"
- Apply changes and close)
If this works your game should run with full textures.
If the game is lagging or still not working go back into "BR3_Config.exe" and turn "Hardware Vertex Processing" back on.
At this stage game should be fully functional.
Some people have solved these issues by simply going to a file called "ubi.ini" and changing "TnL" from 1 to 0. I highly recommend trying this too.
I doubt anyone will see this in 2020 but i hope i can help out at least someone trying to play this great game.

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