Rayman 1 on Wii

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Rayman 1 on Wii

Post by DavidSosa »

I wanna play Rayman 1 on my Wii, I tried with PS1 emulator, don't work, Sega Saturn emulator, don't works, DOS BOX, not tried, Atari Jaguar, there's no Wii emulator of Jaguar, I don't know how to play it I don't wanna play the GBA version.
I love the Rayman Raving Rabbids franchise, but the prototype was better.
When i was a little bit younger, i would know Rayman because of the Rabbids...
i don´t give him very interest in the time, my first Rayman game would be Rayman Origins/Legends PS3 Demo :roll:
And the second, Rayman Raving Rabbids (I think)
Later, i started liking the character until actually i know a lot of Rayman and i play almost all his games.

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Re: Rayman 1 on Wii

Post by ItzalDrake »

Many Wii homebrew software have not been updated for years now, you can try using DOSBox.
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