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MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:02 pm
by #Rubber mark#

Basically, in a (western) world where females already enjoy a lot of privilege in many fields compared to men, and where third-wave feminism is only widening the gap, there's the idea that men are fed up with this shit and do not want to sacrifice their lives for the sake or raising a family, a situation which is very likely to end with adultery, a divorce, no custody of kids and a huge alimony to pay, or if it doesn't it will in most cases be a life of restrained freedom with an old hag that will nag you till the very end.

Makes sense, right? But then, there's those who claim that these guys are crybabies who just can't find a good girl. Are they telling the truth, or are they just submissive idiots brainwashed by their horrible wives?

But most importantly, is it not cowardly to refuse to perpetuate the Aryan race in a context of white genocide? The birth rate of the white race is already way lower than that of the immigrants in historically white countries, which will eventually result in it being eradicated from Earth if nothing is done. So can we afford to hasten this downfall?