Youtube Rewind 2017...

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Youtube Rewind 2017...

Post by WizardMinecraft »

Oh boy... Youtube gave youtuber (yes including rayman youtubers) One of the worst :fuck: you ever with the Youtube Rewind 2017 thats basically "HEY, LETS USE DED CRINGE MEMEZ AND FIGIT SPINNERS AND CELEBS AND JAKE PALLERS ARN'T WE HIP?"
[*]They arn't even trying to hide it[*]

And youtube has been going in this downward spiral for months now. And clearly, they are trying to hide it anymore plus they removed every part of youtube being cought in the act but god ol EMPLEMON (the maker of the 2nd and 3rd video you see) actually get every removed part of youtube cought in the act recovered in his own way.
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