Regional Customs

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Regional Customs

Post by 12RayChienne9 »

I am curious to ask what are you doing this Christmas, as well in other holidays such as Carnival... What are your customs according to the country where you live?

In the country I live, we start Christmas with the lottery draw on December 22 (although it typically starts on Christmas Eve) and we finish the holiday with the day of the Magi (also known as the Three Wise Men), which it is on Jarnuary 6.

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Re: Regional Customs

Post by Cairnie »

Christmas usually involves the usual having family round or going to family (last year was at my in-laws' house), having a Sunday roast type dinner, watching either movies or whatever specials are on, and drinking a lot. Nothing religious or anything. When it's with my family they sometimes do a secret santa lucky dip thing where the prizes are often B&M houseware things. Most unconventionally I just went on long dog walks. A few times because my mum used to do night shifts we sometimes opened our presents on Christmas eve. Then there's Boxing day where we just eat leftovers, open more presents etc. I tend to only use epiphany as when to take the tree down.

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