Old forgotten video game consoles and even unreleased ones.

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Old forgotten video game consoles and even unreleased ones.

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Old forgotten video game consoles and even unreleased ones.
It was the first Sega console.
This console was equivalent to Philipps CD-i,Panasonic 3DO and...etc. However it could be much better console than SNES and Sega Mega Drive add-ons such as Sega CD,Sega 32X,Sega 64X(Sega Genesis+Sega CD+Sega 32X=Sega Neptune),SNES CD,Nintendo Playstation,N64DD
https://gadzetomania.pl/2300,11-zapomni ... aguar-amig
Sega did the same software development agressive marketing tactics during that time such as Epic Games in late 90's like no 2D games only 3D indie games.
It was originally intended to be successor of Sega Saturn before Sega Dreamcast even came out.
As you see Sega allegedly planned add-on for Sega Saturn the third one.
Was GD-ROM on Sega Dreamcast based on CD-ROM because I heard Sega Dreamcast lacked of DVD-ROM such as Sony Playstation 2 and Microsoft Xbox so I guess it was the main reason why Sega Dreamcast was the last Sega's video game console. Anyway they made some other things.
This console looked kind of like Nintendo Wii so to speak. Controllers were like that ones from Playstation Move from Sony PS3 and Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.
Before smartphones,tablets,NDS,3DS,2DS,Nintendo Switch even came out Sega made their own hand-held consoles in past Sega Pico,Sega Game Gear,Sega Mega Jet,Sega Nomad.
It is unknown and it still remains a mystery how officially Sega Dreamcast and Sega Nomad successors might look like in future however some Sega video game consoles based on our planets of solar system of our galaxy.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xy-FFj33bw It was unreleased Nintendo's hand-held console Even Super Mario 64 was in this portable console before Nintendo ported it on NDS.
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