Pirate Community OSD - Revival from Ubi´s Rayman Gold OSD

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Pirate Community OSD - Revival from Ubi´s Rayman Gold OSD

Post by DavidSosa »

Sometimes when i see the Ubi online icon in the Mapper, i feel sad that the program don´t do anything when i click in connect, becuase the Ubi soft OSD servers closed long ago... the Rayman Gold manual has a screenshot that makes the OSD look pretty cool for the time, so i was asking... wouldn´t be cool to revive the OSD so people upload, download, upload scores and do many other things?
Just hex editing or editing the Mapper using Resource Hacker, HxD or other programs with PluM´s help (sorry plum) we can revive it
we will need to edit the Startup.exe ubicated in UbiSoft/OSD/ so instead to connecting to the old website connects to the new one
like the RaymanZone archive, it would be cool to revive it as like it looked originally (sadly, no one saved a single page of al three osd servers, english, german and french so i left an image here so may be as inspiration...)

Maybe than Rayman Designer level creation isn´t so active, but i would wish to revive it.
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Re: Pirate Community OSD - Revival from Ubi´s Rayman Gold OSD

Post by Hunchman801 »

I certainly like the idea, but as is customary with those projects, you'll need to find someone willing to work on it!
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