FanFic - The Glade of Dreams

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FanFic - The Glade of Dreams

Post by Imco » Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:52 pm

Hey all!
In order for me to enhance my English and because I am a die-hard Rayman fan, I started on this FanFic about the Glade of Dreams.
This FanFic will eventually tell you the story of how Polokus created the Glade and how he failed to lock evil out of the Glade with it's consequences.
I know my English isn't flawless, so if you find any grammatical mistakes or just plain nonsense, please don't hesitate to point those out, as my main objective is to enhance my English by writing this "novel".

Have fun reading! ... Dreams.pdf

CHAPTER 1: How it all began
In this chapter Polokus will tell you the story of the Glade of Dreams, about how it was once created and how he failed to maintain peace and harmony.
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