Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

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Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

Post by nitwitsworld »


A user by the name of Fancy Father is making a fan game based on both Rayman AND the Raving Rabbids and he is trying to connect the two to explain why the Rabbids and Rayman went their own ways.

https://twitter.com/FancyFather/status/ ... 8570758150

Here is the link to said project.

https://twitter.com/FancyFather/status/ ... 5127292931

And another link explaining why he is making said game. The bottomline is that it's a demo pitch to see if such a game will become a fan game for the fans to try out. It's gonna be a platformer with some beat-em-up style movements.

So it's going to be interesting if some fans have heard of it or not? Might put this in the Fan wiki for Rayman under fangames cause this would be good when it comes out soon.

What do you guys think? :D
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Re: Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

Post by ItzalDrake »

I'm totally interested!
Cannot wait to try out the demo! :D
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Re: Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

Post by Hunchman801 »

That's very little information for now, but the artwork looks very promising, and I'm intrigued by the idea, so I look forward to more updates about this. :)
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Re: Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

Post by hoodlumsworld »

I'm interested too, I hope this becomes a reality.
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Re: Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

Post by PluMGMK »

Very intriguing! Even if it's "just" a demo, I hope it delivers on some small fraction of the promise shown by the game's development in the mid-2000s…
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Re: Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

Post by ChronicTraitor »

Oh man, RRR1 is one of my favorite Rayman games, I'll definitely keep an eye on this! :D
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Re: Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

Post by paulnewman2001 »

Looks promising.
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Re: Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

Post by DavidSosa »

I love the Rayman Raving Rabbids franchise, but the prototype was better.
When i was a little bit younger, i would know Rayman because of the Rabbids...
i don´t give him very interest in the time, my first Rayman game would be Rayman Origins/Legends PS3 Demo :roll:
And the second, Rayman Raving Rabbids (I think)
Later, i started liking the character until actually i know a lot of Rayman and i play almost all his games.

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Re: Rayman Raving Revival Fangame Project

Post by Elite Piranha »

Interesting, looking forward to see more of this.
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