Tonic Trouble track typos

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Tonic Trouble track typos

Post by MystischerRochen »

Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I adore the refurbished RayTunes and that it includes my favorite game of all times, Tonic Trouble. However, I found some typos I thought are worth fixing:

"Vegetable HQ" (PC releases) -> "Vegetables' HQ"
"Grögh HQ" (PC and N64 releases) -> "Grögh's Kingdom"
"Magic Mushroom Hideout" (N64 release) -> "Magic Mushroom's Domain"
"Bonus (Crazy Town)" (PC releases) / "Grögh's Defeat" (N64 release) -> "Crazy Tower"

The first two are representative of the names found in-game (1st on the portal, 2nd in the loading screen). The latter two are found in official Ubi Soft support pages from back in the day, see this one, for example. It also backs up the other two (though misspells "Vegetables'" as "Vegetable's"). As for the removal of "Bonus", a portion of the song plays when you defeated Grögh, so I wouldn't consider it a "Bonus" song.

I hope these can be fixed. Kind regards, MR.

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Re: Tonic Trouble track typos

Post by Droolie »

Hi MystischerRochen! Thanks a lot for your kind words, and for reporting these. I went over the typos but I don't think I will be fixing any... it's a lot of work to reupload the soundtracks and adjust the metadata on the site just for a few typos, and all of these names are actually (more or less) correct:

The first typo, "Vegetable HQ" is actually the official name used in the game's dialogue. Screenshot of the game files:

"Grögh HQ" should actually be "Grögh's HQ", but that is not too bad of a typo:

... Okay, I'm beginning to see a trend here...

"Bonus (Crazy Town)" is a song that I believe was created for the unused area "Crazy Town". The text "Crazy Town" can be found on the world map of the Special Edition, and in the files:

Code: Select all

	AddString( 0, " ")
	AddString( 1, "Moats")
	AddString( 2, "Karota")
	AddString( 3, "Crazy Town")
	AddString( 4, "Canyon")
	AddString( 5, "Plain")
	AddString( 6, "Doc's Cave")
	AddString( 7, "Grogha Gola Plant")
	AddString( 8, "Cocktail")
	AddString( 9, "Pyramide")
	AddString(10, "Ski Slope")
	AddString(11, "Grogh's HQ")
A more detailed explanation of why I'm so sure this is Crazy Town's music can be found in the description of this video:
SilverSpade92 pointed out to me that the ending track, which starts off big like there was a whole part cut from the beginning, might actually have been meant to come up after the end of the Bonus track, which cuts off early. I tried it myself and it seems like it's a perfect fit, so kudos to you, good sir!

It's also worth noting that this track IS in the special edition, under the "CrazyTH" files. The original samples referenced by the CSB files all have a "VILL" prefix (from "ville", French for "town"), and there's accompanying ambience in the "FouAmb" files, with "fou" being French for "crazy".

So, yes, without a doubt, this track is Crazy Town's music.
Hopefully this long reply is not too overwhelming. I just wanted to show that these names, like most of the track names on RayTunes, weren't just randomly chosen. :)

Thanks again,

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