Full version of Rayman Animated Series intro?

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Full version of Rayman Animated Series intro?

Post by Sheepish »

A solid part of the song is in the intro, however through the series you can hear extended parts playing in the background. Basically I think it's a bit of a bop and wanted to know if anything was done with that show's soundtrack

If not, I was going to try to squeeze all of the bits out of the audio and stitch them together

Edit: I'm not sure if anyone will reply soon but I can't find any evidence of it nor is even the theme song on Raytunes but I'm just going to go ahead and do it for general editing practice while I'm motivated :mryellow:
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Re: Full version of Rayman Animated Series intro?

Post by Elite Piranha »

The short version of the song is in RayTunes, I don't know if a longer version exists somewhere. According to the credits it was made by La Belle Equipe, it seems they also worked for the Rabbids Invasion series (surprised to find out there are more than 100 episodes of that).
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Re: Full version of Rayman Animated Series intro?

Post by deton24 »

If you send me all the fragments you find, I can try to remove voices from them and arrange everything and put together, and maybe it won't sound terrible after some mastering.
Preferable way - fragments cut from the source in MKVToolnix (without further recompression and reencoding).
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