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Re: Better Rayman 3

Post by mrpenguinb »

RibShark wrote:
Tue Oct 15, 2019 1:32 pm
That won't work unfortunately, the graphics glitches occur driver-side, so the driver itself would need to run on single core, which can only be done systemwide.
Ah, well then nevermind :(
On an unrelated note, the Toy Story 2 fix that you made Ribshark, is really good. Do you have any plans on fixing the final boss? Just curious. It may be too much of a hassle to be worth it.
PluMGMK wrote:
Tue Oct 15, 2019 5:52 pm
I guess that makes more sense, considering that Rayman 3 dates from the heyday of the Pentium 4...

Welcome to PC by the way, mrpenguinb! :D
Better Rayman 3 really impressed me with how much it fixes, it is really cool seeing such support for Rayman 3.
I had been meaning to actually say thanks a long time ago (to everyone as well who helped), you can see the join date is when I wanted to xD
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Re: Better Rayman 3

Post by click1234 »

hi guys!
i'm trying to run rayman 3 on my pc,
i installed "better rayman 3" but i'm experiencing same problems

I have the nintendo switch pro controller
1) the right analog doesn't work
2) i walk veeeeery slow with the left analog!!

How i have to use "horizontal axis" "vertical axis" and "Outer dead zone" ??
i tried everything!

I tried also xbox 360 gamepad and have same problem on right analog, while rayman walks slowly diagonally with left analog

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