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Re: Better Rayman 3

Post by spaaacce777 »

spaaacce777 wrote: Mon Mar 08, 2021 3:27 pm
Steo wrote: Mon Mar 08, 2021 3:37 am If you're running the game at a high refresh rate, this tends to happen. it's better to just set your refresh rate to 60Hz before running the game.
Thanks, I'll give this a go tonight :bigup:
Refresh Rate is definitely the cause. Thanks!

Although, interestingly, you can go up to 100Hz before the black bars appear.
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Re: Better Rayman 3

Post by taczki2 »

This is unfortunaletly not working for me. Also, all my cutscenes (like doctor ones, and Begoniax and Razoff) are deleted. I also do not have any minigames.
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Re: Better Rayman 3

Post by CACTUS »

wow this is amazing but i have some problems with UI whe i play on widescreen resolutions on 4:3 resolutions everything works fine
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Re: Better Rayman 3

Post by deton24 »

Your diacritic marks are incorrect?

The issue is probably due to texture mod, eventually language pack.

Check this out:
And seek for non-multi5 patch.

About the UI issue, make sure that it exist on vanilla version of the game (fresh game installation+better Rayman).
If it only happens with texture mod, write about it in relevant texture mod thread and describe what is your game resolution and native resolution.
Try to also exclude whether the issue is connected with Polish version (check the English).
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Re: Better Rayman 3

Post by Steo »

Interestingly I've only ever seen this when trying to play without Better Rayman 3.
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Re: Better Rayman 3

Post by Segasensei »

I'm having some kind of issue while trying to run Better Rayman 3 with the GOG version and Windows 10. I installed Rayman 3 and BR3 without any issues, but the game won't launch, in fact I get strictly nothing. I tried putting some kind of dll file I found that supposedly fixed the issue but nothing changed. I'm at a draw here...

Edit : Fixed. I had to reinstall the game in a non-orthodox way.
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