Rayman 2 HD "Remastered" Graphics Mod Reshade / SweetFX | UPDATE with dgVoodoo for HD Texture Mod

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Re: Rayman 2 HD "Remastered" Graphics Mod Reshade / SweetFX / 60 FPS - performance hack / 32 bit depth fix

Post by deton24 »

Good enough? :noel: - now with the new HD tex mod and dgVoodoo.

More screenshots:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sNXi5 ... sYGhbv_HUo

Above screenshot vs stock game

You can tweak brightness and contrast separately in dgVoodoo Control Panel like gamma in nGlide.

The things have changed a bit since the last post -

- Dropping nGlide support in favour of dgVoodoo DX6 for HD AI tex mod, more fixes; new performance patch allowing constant 60 FPS in DX6.
- No more weird border around Rayman model (dgVoodoo did that somehow)

Reshade update with dgVoodoo:

(AntiVirus false positive in dgVoodooCpl.exe - alternative link with it (might be useful if you want further change contrast and brigthness):
PASSWORD: deton24

Tex mod download:

Game comes preconfigured with 1920x1080 x 16 resolution forced in dgVoodoo (plus contrast change and texture depth buffer fix) with relevant .exe for 16:9 (there is no x 32 support in Rayman 2's DX6 like in nGilde).

Change the resolution in dgVoodooCpl.exe copied to the game dir if you need (go to DirectX) -
if it's not 16:9 resolution, download different widescreen patch), don't overwrite any files from there beside Rayman2.exe after tex mod installation. Changing resolution in ubi.ini is no longer required (dgVoodoo forces its resolution set in configurator).

In case of performance issues - the game is preconfigured with MSAA x8, you can change it in dgVoodooCpl.exe.
You can still use weird bypass to achieve 15 FPS more - just press scroll lock few times for ~7-15 seconds, and frame rate will increase, but it may end up decreasing graphics quality. Alternatively you can try it out using one of the two 38 presets with motion focus and tilt shift enabled. It may give better results, and after all, it may become randomly disabled in the process.

More changes:
- Added some info about disabling Motion Focus
- Added some info about fixing blurred HUD
- Blurred HUD fixed in default preset
- Cleared the thread
- Disabled motion focus in the default preset
- Cleared A3D sound thread, providing more info
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