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Re: Rayman 2 Translations (Text modding)

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:06 pm
by raymanHUN
I should have the full decoded text file, with all the strange code-sequences and the actual texts. Thanks for the idea, I'm gonna go check out other languages, how they use these characters. As for the long umlauts, I haven't added them, still trying to figure out which files to replace with them (as I guess I can't really add anything extra as that would probably end up messing up stuff)

edit: Okay, it seems like there is nothing special about them in neither the german, nor the spanish parts... I'm gonna go ahead and try to edit some parts in both of those, to see if there might be something that has to be included for those characters to work, which might be missing from the english parts...

edit2: Okay, so apparently I was an idiot, and it actually works as long as I use only lowercase letters in the file... Should have guessed but oh well... Now to figure out which 2 characters to swap for "ő" and "ű"... I guess I'll just pick something from german or spanish, and use them, which will make writing them a bit more tedious but at least in-game it will work!