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Discuss tools to aid in the modification and running of Rayman games.

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Modding and utilities forum index

Post by Adsolution » Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:53 am

Welcome to the Rayman Modding and Utilities sub-forum!

Below is a list of topics and project in relation to their game titles.

Rayman 1
Image RayTwol
Support for Rayman 1 PSX Level Editing coming soon!
Image Rayman Optimum
A patch to play the original Rayman and its spin-offs on modern platforms
Image Extended Rayman Designer Editor
A program to assist with adding new objects and graphics to Rayman Designer
Image Dream for a new Rayman 1 map editor
A project studying the Rayman 1 level format with the goal of creating a new Rayman level designer

Rayman 2
Image RayTwol
Edit the level files for the PC version of Rayman 2
Image Rayman 2 Translations (Text modding)
Create and share fan-made translations for the PC version of Rayman 2
Image Rayman 2 - Texture Hacking - Tutorial!
Extract and modify textures from the PC version of Rayman 2
Image [WIP] Rayman 2 Tools
Open source Rayman 2 Tools by Szymski.
Image Who likes modding Rayman 2 & 3?
MixerX's original tools to extract textures from Rayman 2.
Image Finally: Rayman 2 PC keyboard re-mapping
Juan_m_2's tool to customise the key mappings used in Rayman 2.

Rayman 3
Image Better Rayman 3
RibShark's fixes and improvements for the PC version of Rayman 3
Image Rayman 3 (Dolphin Emulator) HD Texture Pack
ICUP321's texture pack for use in emulating the GCN version of Rayman 3

Rayman Origins
Image Rayman Origins & Texmod: bring YOUR creations to life!
Modify and import sprites into Rayman Origins

Rayman Legends
Image Rayman Legends Modding - Bring your creations to life!
Modify and import sprites into Rayman Legends

Image [RIPPING] 2D Rayman Sprites and Backgrounds
For discussion and archiving ripped 2D sprites from the sidescrolling games in the franchise.
Image Rayman : Sprites / Textures Database
An archive of the textures and sprites ripped from various games in the series
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Re: Modding and utilities forum index

Post by incognito » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:46 pm

About time modding finally get it's own section !
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