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Dinosaur modder - What is the general format of .gf files?

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:37 am
by dinotora
Dinosaur modder returning after a year of inactivity.

I have been working on trying to crack DIsney's Dinosaur, a Ubi Soft game that uses a mildly modified version of the Rayman 2 game engine. Currently, I am trying to retrieve textures from Textures.cnt and Vignette.cnt, and have managed to get the .gf files, however have had no luck with the existing software that you folks have produced when it comes to actually getting the images to a readable format.

I would like to ask, how are .gf images formatted? I know that the palettes are stored first, but I do not know how big the area of storage is, and how to find the offsets. I would personally like to write a program to crack my specific .gf files, however I cannot find proper resources on .gf files as a starting point.

Any help is greatly appreciated!