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Dino modder - anywhere I can get something to process palettes?

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:31 am
by dinotora
Hello everyone! I am the Dinosaur modder who sometimes frequents.

In Dinosaur, .gf files are stored in a strange fashion - using only 2 palettes (in Vignette.cnt - can't even open Textures.cnt yet!)

The headers are much the same as the Rayman 2 and R3 .gfs, but with an added header - 38 02.
So far, this is what I've worked out:

B8220000 - 04 palettes including alpha
78030000 - 03 3 palettes
35020000 - 02 2 palettes, handling all RGB

the 02 channel type is something that I've had to mess around with myself. The green channel controls both red and grn, blue channel controls blue. Editing the colors from 0-255 in hex values results in the following:

multiples of 8 are red only values increasing in intensity.
values 1-7, 9-15, 17-23 ... increase in amount of green, retaining the same amount of red

blu goes by 32 increasing by amount of grn from 0-28 in increments of 4 hex val
Combo of both creates intermediate coloring - seems like some sort of 16 bit color format?

So my question there any tool in photoshop or GIMP that allows me to draw in these colors so I can create new textures in Dinosaur?