Looking for modeler or animator

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Looking for modeler or animator

Post by antopilo »

hello everyone, I dont know if anyone will see this, but I figured I would try hahaha.

I'm a game programmer that recently started working on a rayman remake. I coded almost all of rayman abilitiese in 2-3 days.
This includes targeting, climbing, helicopter, sliding. Like I said, I am a programmer. I am currently looking for someone who would like to help animate rayman or model some levels. I dont care if you rip the models or levels I just need something to work on :). Here is a video of the progress I have so far.

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Re: Looking for modeler or animator

Post by Elite Piranha »

It is impressive to see what someone can do in a couple of hours, I hope you find the person you're looking for. One suggestion (I don't know if it will work though), send questions to Rayman blogs in Tumblr, maybe someone in there can help you.
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