HD .BIK cinematic files for Rayman 3?

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HD .BIK cinematic files for Rayman 3?

Post by TRJTA »

I managed to extract the HD (1280x720, 30fps) .bik files from my PS3 Rayman 3 HD disc. I tried replacing the .bik files of the PC version (320x400, 25fps), but sadly the game just skips and doesn't show them.

I so far found out that replacing the .bik files with a higher resolution does not work, but replacing the 25fps file with a 30fps file DOES work. So that is interesting.

Does maybe anyone know a solution to make the game play higher res .bik files? If so, we would also be able to play HD cinematics in Rayman 3 on PC.
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Re: HD .BIK cinematic files for Rayman 3?

Post by deton24 »

So far it is not possible, we know about the issue.
There is even remastered intro using AI. Its first version is published on YouTube.
I just don't remember in what quality is this PS3 video, and whether it's not simply upscale and wasn't made again using original render.
You can upload it in bik, though.
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