Rayman 3 HD PS3 Localization/Sound change - need help

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Rayman 3 HD PS3 Localization/Sound change - need help

Post by Tygrysek »

Hello. I used to play R3 a lot in my childhood and I've played PC version with polish localization. Imo polish voice acting is way bettter than english. After years i wanted to play R3 but on my PS3. I purchased the HD version and I encountered those graphic bugs. I decided to install CFW and i got rid of this problem using mod from this forum's mod section. Thanks to mod creator! Anyway, now my last wish is that i could import sounds from my PC polish version to the PS3 HD. I tried to move the Sound folder manually, but as i thought... it would be to good to be true. I found out that PC version uses .hxc files while PS3 uses .hx3. Is there any way to convert hxc to hx3? Or maybe you guys know other way to import sound/localization for my ps3 r3 hd? Thanks in advance! :D
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Re: Rayman 3 HD PS3 Localization/Sound change - need help

Post by deton24 »

Why don't you play the game on PC?
It shouldn't really require more than 768MB VRAM.
And I think even lower end GPU should enough.
We've got very nice HD texture mod really worth to check.

Even if there is a way of reimporting the sounds to the PS3 version, there will be some shortcomings like lack of Begoniax dialogues and few more, since I barely ripped the sounds, and it will be probably based on those files, or require some corrections based on manual extraction.
I also afraid that file order will be not preserved, or not always, so it's pretty possible that there will be tons of manual work to do with it. There are 470+ dialogue audio files.
And PC files will sound much worse in PS3 version than originally, since they have worse quality after decoding for some reason and some noise that I think wasn't there originally. I don't know whether I have separated remastered dialogues still somewhere. Looking for project and source files will be another problem if necessary.
Really, if the file order between the two versions won't be preserved in some extent, then rather forget about it. You can compare both PC PL and PS3 EN versions by extracting them manually.
https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ox8kpq ... n_3_Sounds

Maybe sorting by size the two audio versions would do the trick in finding corresponding file order, but it is not certain.
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