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Re: Raym.app - Online Rayman map viewers

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Droolie wrote: Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:50 am
That's a ghostly butterfly :o

Interesting though, I hadn't thought that that could happen, but it makes sense. This is due to how I've implemented transparent screenshots. Unity doesn't support this out of the box -- I'm using a solution I found online that takes 2 screenshots with black and white background colors each and calculates the transparency based on the difference between the resulting pixels. This works pretty well normally, but of course it wouldn't work with materials with additive blend mode (light materials), where the object wouldn't even display on some backgrounds... :p

Sadly I don't think this can be fixed, at least not without a ton of work. For additive blend mode ideally the transparency would be calculated purely based on brightness, but then most other objects wouldn't look right.
Thanks for the explanation! Luckily there aren't many instances of objects with such materials (so far the only cases I've only noticed are the butterflies, probably Bégoniax as a toad, the Zombie Chicken in Rayman 3 and some Lums in Rayman 2), so it's basically no problem. :)
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