Anyone wants to make AI upscale of Tonic Trouble textures for a mod?

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Anyone wants to make AI upscale of Tonic Trouble textures for a mod?

Post by deton24 »

Hello. I wrote this topic because I'm looking for some daredevils for a project of Tonic Trouble PC Retail AI texture mod.

I cannot use Tensorflow apps myself because of CPU w/o AVX and no Nvidia GPU. That's why I'm looking for other people.

PC textures are in much better resolution than N64, and Special Edition are bigger than retail version.

Rayman Control Panel allows to replace all the textures automatically in textures.cnt, in high resolution (tested at least 2x, but much higher should be supported, just be aware to not exceed 2GB file size of textures.cnt).
Remember to use texture synchronization feature after texture replacing (it's on utilities page).
Texture replacing work only in retail version, SE version crashes after replacing any textures.

If you have any problems with the game on modern systems, see this page:
It contains some fixes with widescreen patch.

Here are all the textures (retail ones replaced by some bigger Second Edition equivalents):

I talked with granvillimus in the past about the details of the project, and he said that the textures differ from those from Rayman 2, and said he will have to find another AI model for them, but so far I have no further news from him (recently he worked on Revolution AI tex mod).
If anyone else is interested, above is a PNG package with all the necessary textures, replaced with duplicates from beta version in higher resolution, so they should be used for upscale in Retail version. The only problem of this package are additional textures from Special Edition which haven't been deleted. I don't know how big problem it might be during making the upscale, but additional texture shouldn't be a problem for game logic since it won't load them anyway so it shouldn't crash the game.

If you really need to get rid of the additional SE textures, but keeping those which repeats in Retail, you should somehow prevent the system from copying from SE version any other textures than those already present in Retail, so those now replaced in Retail textures folder, get rid of the new. Maybe I have an idea how to do that. I know that Total Commander might have some folders comparison tool, but the result might be not exportable as a txt list. If I had a list of these additional files in txt, then I can write a bat script easily, even using Excel. Probably I should look for some other tool for listing comparison results in txt. Additional textures might be a problem if you need to inspect every single texture.
I can upload separate texture folders from both Retail and Special Edition version if someone wants.
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