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Discuss tools to aid in the modification and running of Rayman games.

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Modding and utilities forum index

Post by Adsolution »

Welcome to the Rayman Modding and Utilities sub-forum!

Below is a list of topics and project in relation to their game titles.

Rayman 1
Image RayTwol
Support for Rayman 1 PSX Level Editing coming soon!
Image Rayman Optimum
A patch to play the original Rayman and its spin-offs on modern platforms
Image Extended Rayman Designer Editor
A program to assist with adding new objects and graphics to Rayman Designer
Image Dream for a new Rayman 1 map editor
A project studying the Rayman 1 level format with the goal of creating a new Rayman level designer

Rayman 2
Image RayTwol
Edit the level files for the PC version of Rayman 2
Image Rayman 2 Translations (Text modding)
Create and share fan-made translations for the PC version of Rayman 2
Image Rayman 2 - Texture Hacking - Tutorial!
Extract and modify textures from the PC version of Rayman 2
Image [WIP] Rayman 2 Tools
Open source Rayman 2 Tools by Szymski.
Image Who likes modding Rayman 2 & 3?
MixerX's original tools to extract textures from Rayman 2.
Image Finally: Rayman 2 PC keyboard re-mapping
Juan_m_2's tool to customise the key mappings used in Rayman 2.

Rayman 3
Image Better Rayman 3
RibShark's fixes and improvements for the PC version of Rayman 3
Image Rayman 3 (Dolphin Emulator) HD Texture Pack
ICUP321's texture pack for use in emulating the GCN version of Rayman 3

Rayman Origins
Image Rayman Origins & Texmod: bring YOUR creations to life!
Modify and import sprites into Rayman Origins

Rayman Legends
Image Rayman Legends Modding - Bring your creations to life!
Modify and import sprites into Rayman Legends

Image [RIPPING] 2D Rayman Sprites and Backgrounds
For discussion and archiving ripped 2D sprites from the sidescrolling games in the franchise.
Image Rayman : Sprites / Textures Database
An archive of the textures and sprites ripped from various games in the series
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Re: Modding and utilities forum index

Post by incognito »

About time modding finally get it's own section !
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Re: Modding and utilities forum index

Post by deton24 »

List of software for unpacking sounds from various games:

- Psound - unlike many others, plays DCZ archives extension (R2 DC/Dreamcast) and extracts SFXes only from combin.dat on R2 PSX disk.
- jpsxdec - scans for various file formats, also plays videos. (audio: xa, xai)
- ADPCM Player v1.44h - found it more capable to detect loops than MF Audio. Since W10, it doesn't play files, gives error, but extracts/converts well. Generally we can use Cube Media Player 2 instead.

For extraced distorted/encrypted/unkown file formats:
- VideoGameSoundConverter_2.0 ... _Converter
"The conversion is actually handled by vgmstream however VGSC wraps it with a simple UI and allows you to convert multiple files quickly and easily."
or also "Watto Game Extractor" is good to see inside archieves, and then, for playing/extracting strange formats, this:
- DecUbiSndGui - decodes lots of music from UBI games, e.g. extracted from game archives.
- Dragon UnPACKer 5
- quickbms
- PSFlab - allows editing PSF files

- MFaudio may be useful in overall (doesn't detect loops, plays lot of files)
- PSMPlay - plays stream XA files from e.g. PSX discs. Files like stream.ixa in Rayman 2. But not as a file, but if I remember correctly, when you analize bin image. However, on W10 it doesn't convert to wav anymore. Only plays. But you can save the file in this program again, and then it can be read by some program, and converted. Extracting of .ixa is imposible with ISOBuster, but posible by Magic ISO. Normally, copying content of R2 PSX disk mounted content by Windows, will return uncorrect ms-dos operation error.
- XA Audio Converter, though without original samplerate (files are upsampled to 44kHz from 37800Hz in case of R2).
- Cube Media Player 2 - looks for a complex tool as to support various file formats (among others IXA/XA/PS2/SS2/ADPCM RAW/ADX/PSS/SFD/VAG (interleave settings in Operations-Properties differs from values of ADPCM Player). It didn't even show that Operations-Convert is greyed out for unregistered users, I hadn't seen the reason to use attached keygen till... I guessed when nothing was able to convert, but only play. Don't only drag and drop your file. Make sure you also clicked on file>analyze file.
- PSXmc - also nice software, but I have some troubles to make it to convert files.
- Nova Extractor - Droolie recommended it for extracting .hxc files from Rayman 3 ... 5/1-1-0-23
SFXes in Rayman 3 are in: directory\Gamedatabin\World\Sound\ (they are already ripped and available to download).
- VGMStream
- jpsxdec (also decodes IXA file from R2 PSX, but you need to scan whole track 1 bin file. It also scans separate chosen files, but usually it may not give the same results)
- Audacity (RAW import option, usually PCM or VOX ADPCM, sometimes sound can be distorted, or some segments inside corrupted)
- [Droolie wrote] gba mus riper (including the typo :p) - that can scan GBA roms for music sequences and convert them to midi+sf2 files (though some manual corrections are required for the midi files). Only works for games using the Sappy audio driver though. Apparently a lot of GBA games use that, but sadly Rayman 3 is the only one that does out of the GBA Rayman games

The other nice list of software is posted here: ... t-1673495m games:

PS. Segments from MPX Tonic Trouble SE can't be played by any of these tools (it can be found CTPAX ru).
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Re: Modding and utilities forum index

Post by gamerz31w »

what about raymap tool for rayman 2,rayman m and rayman 3?
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