Looking for crew to make Jazz Jackrabbit 3D patch

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Looking for crew to make Jazz Jackrabbit 3D patch

Post by gamerz31w »

Hi. I look for some people to make a next patch. I plan several things and look for some people with skills of adding 3D lowpoly model animations of the helicopter(like Rayman has it), playable Eva Earlong, Razz A'ma Tazz, Teknika, Waverly, Frizzle, Coldano, Hip Hop, Homey different main menu/title screen,return to the main menu option,new changed HUD/GUI,access to the Prairie Grand inside Carotus Forrest 3D Hub World(at least all those mentioned things by me),more stable Unreal PC game engine commands. By saying more stable command prompt in-game I had in mind that it's not always displaying itself properly. Fixing the problem of not always showing the game console to enable cheats (at least UE should be stable in this matter).
Let's hops mods and admins of what if considered off-topic would at least suggest moving that thread to the slightly different topic section,please?
Likewise Victor Albert Delacroix and me we are both from Poland. LEOTCK is from Czech Republic(which makes three of us slavik).
What I can do what I was capable of doing(myself) was adding, implementing Jazz Jackrabbit to Harry Potter,Unreal Gold,Unreal Tournament GOTY.
For that kind of testing experiment it lacked of textures, 3D low poly animations like in actual computer games.

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