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Rank Username Score Cages Platform
#1 MandM81 900056 60 Xbox
#2 1234 867035 60 PC
#3 Xenon 850283 60 PS2
#4 Mountain Goat 848122 24 PC
#5 Maz 846005 60 PC
#6 Jona 840572 60 PC
#7 fzeroman 828246 60 GC
#8 Nikkoss 820848 60 GC
#9 Danone 815620 60 PC
#10 thomscube 809152 60 PC
#11 #Toilet Paper# 807670 60 PC
#12 magicglobox 805763 60 PC
#13 BestXIII 803679 60 PC
#14 Block 798697 60 GC
#15 babyromu 796153 60 GC
#16 Speekey 790813 60 Xbox
#17 Tiger_5 787934 60 GC
#18 Ray502 782260 60 PS2
#19 Dark_Shadow 771960 60 PC
#20 Harpic fraîcheur 750498 60 PC
#21 andarara 734616 60 PC
#22 Toxine 734602 60 PC
#23 Rai 723488 60 PS2
#24 Sajiki 714605 60 PC
#25 Rayrobi 701789 60 PC
#26 ReignOwner 692468 60 PC
#27 Slurpy 689431 60 PC
#28 Newray 663132 60 GC
#29 Ambidextroid 655729 60 PC
#30 Hunchman801 654952 60 PC
#31 jeje78 652988 60 PC
#32 Peter.Parker 644178 60 PC
#33 Lysol 641347 60 PC
#34 MaGiiKiLL 621427 60 Xbox
#35 Adsolution 620950 60 GC
#36 Da Holy raywiz ! 616666 60 PC
#37 raymanrules77 612338 60 GC
#38 M3T30R0 610741 60 PC
#39 ElZboub 607215 60 GC
#40 RayoMz 604113 60 PC
#41 tomyoda 601784 60 GC
#42 Philippe317 597142 60 PC
#43 demon354 586827 60 PC
#44 Brounaus 581384 60 Xbox
#45 poweraider 580733 60 Xbox
#46 Phoenixan 577267 60 PC
#47 boomboleros7 571295 60 PC
#48 Haruka 571084 60 PC
#49 Angous 570977 60 GC
#50 Rayfist 568773 60 PC
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Special thanks to Wuigi for helping out with the new Hall of Fame.
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Re: The You Game!
<'s game has a charming amount of bugs but at least has a win state

Re: Music you are listening to now!

Re: The You Game!
As soon as < leaves to go to town, it clears up and the hot sun appears. :pfff:

Re: TTQ: Season 105 - PluMGMK

Re: Le Grand Quizz des Ptizêtres!
Même les plus éminents sont d'accord sur le sujet. (no fake)


Re: Your last dream
Had a weird one last night. I'd parked my car at a petrol station, which I think was one I know from real life but has been closed for several years. I believe I wasn't there to get petrol, just to go into the shop and buy something. Then when I came out I found two guys had parked their car really close to mine, which was annoying to say the least. Apparently they were a father and son (the son looked like a politician from my area though :paranormal:) and they were carrying some heavy load to or from their car.
So anyway, I tried to get into my car, squeezing in between the two and opening the door ever so carefully. But then the son accidentally (?) hit off the other side of my car, causing my door to hit their car and scratch it. The father noticed immediately and got really upset. I tried to rub off the scratch with my sleeve, which seemed to remove some but not all of the apparent damage. I said I'd pay to get it fixed, and the son was like "Dad, don't be silly, it was my fault".
So anyway, the father said he'd be taking the car to a garage in Kerry later on the same day, and I'd better be there with the cash ready to pay for it. I said I'd do my best to be there but couldn't guarantee it. Then somehow this was formalized as an appointment on a Google Calendar, for 14:30 (don't know what the significance of that time is).
Anyway, the plot holes get fairly wide here… There was something about my own Dad agreeing to get me there on time but reneging at the last minute. I guess I was afraid my own car wouldn't get me there fast enough? Either way, I didn't make it to Kerry, so the guy started defaming me all over the internet, including on my own YouTube channel. I tried to defend myself, but what was the point?

This wasn't even the only weird dream I had last night, but it was the most coherent. I don't think I'd even be comfortable discussing the others… :oops2:

Re: How's the weather?
incognito wrote:
LoveMetal wrote:Go ahead, if it can please you. :P
That's what she said.
You don't think this is getting a bit old?

Re: Twelfth edition of the posts in a day record
Everything if you ask me.

I wouldn't clean my suit with it tho.

Re: The Awesome and Cool Poll Thread
Holy crap that picture is unsettling. Even... Creepy.

Re: How's the weather?
LoveMetal wrote:Go ahead, if it can please you. :P

That's what she said.
In Oulan-Bator, Mongolia, there are clouds.
It is 50.5°F (10.5°C) here.
The wind is going at a speed of 7.56 meters per second and the atmospheric pressure (on the sea level) is 853.27 millibars.
Finally, the humidity is at 76%.

Oulan-Bator is the capital of Mongolia. According to the 2010 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 1 151 500 inhabitants.


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