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Rank Username Score Cages Platform
#1 MandM81 900056 60 Xbox
#2 Maz 888875 60 PC
#3 Cut 887220 60 PC
#4 1234 868225 60 PC
#5 Xenon 850283 60 PS2
#6 Mountain Goat 848122 24 PC
#7 Jona 840572 60 PC
#8 fzeroman 828246 60 GC
#9 Nikkoss 820848 60 GC
#10 Danone 815620 60 PC
#11 Ray502 812042 60 PS2
#12 thomscube 809152 60 PC
#13 #Toilet Paper# 807670 60 PC
#14 magicglobox 805763 60 PC
#15 BestXIII 803679 60 PC
#16 Block 798697 60 GC
#17 babyromu 796153 60 GC
#18 Speekey 790813 60 Xbox
#19 Tiger_5 787934 60 GC
#20 Dark_Shadow 771960 60 PC
#21 raymanrules77 757371 60 PC
#22 Harpic fraîcheur 750498 60 PC
#23 andarara 734616 60 PC
#24 Toxine 734602 60 PC
#25 Rai 723488 60 PS2
#26 Sajiki 714605 60 PC
#27 Rayrobi 701789 60 PC
#28 ReignOwner 692468 60 PC
#29 Slurpy 689431 60 PC
#30 Newray 663132 60 GC
#31 Ambidextroid 655729 60 PC
#32 Hunchman801 654952 60 PC
#33 jeje78 652988 60 PC
#34 Fosti 648721 60 PS2
#35 Peter.Parker 644178 60 PC
#36 Lysol 641347 60 PC
#37 MaGiiKiLL 621427 60 Xbox
#38 Adsolution 620950 60 GC
#39 Da Holy raywiz ! 616666 60 PC
#40 M3T30R0 610741 60 PC
#41 ElZboub 607215 60 GC
#42 RayoMz 604113 60 PC
#43 tomyoda 601784 60 GC
#44 Philippe317 597142 60 PC
#45 demon354 586827 60 PC
#46 Brounaus 581384 60 Xbox
#47 poweraider 580733 60 Xbox
#48 Phoenixan 577267 60 PC
#49 boomboleros7 571295 60 PC
#50 Haruka 571084 60 PC
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Special thanks to Wuigi for helping out with the new Hall of Fame.
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Re: Riddles of the Glade - Round 9
Carnivorous liana?

Re: The You Game!
PluMGMK wrote:< just got screwed over yet again by the "Mark all forums read" link that has no "Are you sure?" box. :roll:
< just extended <'s GreaseMonkey script to obliterate this annoyance. :hinhinhin:

Re: Hangman
I like how the letter list also said "anger" in Irish at one point.

Re: This or That?
Privately. Somehow creeps me out that people can see what I'm doing on the forum.

Browsing with or without signatures enabled?

Re: Riddles of the Glade - Round 9
Does nobody here play Half-Life anymore?? :P

Clue #4: This entity has been compared to entities from Donkey Kong Country Returns and from Half-life.
Clue #4a: This entity is a plant.
Clue #4b: This entity is a nightmare and so can be harmful, but is often needed to progress.
Clue #4c: This Teensies-in-Trouble-native plant hangs from the ceiling.

Re: Cool Rayman Pictures
All the digging was done almost a decade ago. Unless something obvious was missed, all usable sprites have been found.

Re: Les Plus (+) et les moins (−) de cette journée
Perso je trouve pas cette interface GTK2 trop belle. :mrgreen:

± J'ai menti, j'ai un cours dernier aujourd'hui.
+ Je porte mon t-shirt de qutebrowser !

Re: Add a Word to the Story
There once was a pet rock named George who liked to have lots of yoghurt with fruit pieces and rat poison for dinner. When he was walking he found a lake in the UK where it was very French and baguettes by Cuisine de France were falling from the sky. George thought that they were cupcakes that tasted like steamed hams but with wasabi and cheese. After eating he become Number One because he came across Robbie Rotten who takes large leadership amongst thirteen pet rocks with Jaffa Cakes from Jaffa Castle in Shrek Swamp where he met Shrek and DoomGuy with a "cupcake" in hand to Fiona and Count Razoff. George wanted to be like the legendary hero named Ramen King who wielded several biscuits made of cast iron balls that magically turns evil creatures into spider pig monkeys who climb up and steal the TV. In the TV is The Bog Of Murk where the mystical Pirate Machinery is playing even though the “techician” is out. The techician can't fix stuff because n on his keyboard wouldn't even type, which results in may words to be missig “n”. ow he eeds a ew keyboard which he will get ad hopefully ot inur the wrath of the moderators. Anyway back to the story, after the TV was stolen, George took out a ping pong ball which he used to fight demon met at the Bog of Murk. Then he kissed a girl and he liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick bloomed into flowers and corresponded with his evolution from a sea rock to an even bigger rock called a lava rock. George then realised Steo was now a "technician” who fixes things like scratched game discs and Robo-Pirate from The Sanctuary of Water and Ice where George went to swim. Despite the fact that there were igloos with bombs inside he went to Krusty Burger to order 1000 steamed hams, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45's, one with cheese and a large soda. While eating he discovered all you had to do was follow the God damn train CJ to the Cluckin' Bell where Big Smoke sat eating like a fat lazy asshole. With sword in hand, he burst through the door

Re: Pluses (+) and minuses (−) of this day
+ Ranked up to the Photographer rank.

Re: Quizz sur les jeux vidéo
Alone in the dark

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