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Rank Username Score Cages Platform
#151 Anis 409849 60 GC
#152 Sebban 407369 60 PC
#153 Roen 402957 59 PC
#154 EvelynCh^^ 402250 60 PS2
#155 miknew20 401136 60 PS2
#156 Sbaffo 398995 60 PC
#157 R4YM4N03 397451 60 PC
#158 Thois 396180 59 PC
#159 MadDarmani97 395410 60 PC
#160 270899colin 394680 60 PC
#161 Syraniom 394564 60 GC
#162 Mau97 393032 60 PS2
#163 Rayray1994 391927 60 PC
#164 run 389946 60 PC
#165 Tenderz 387864 60 PC
#166 Damiencool 386920 60 PC
#167 LittleLuc 381241 60 PS2
#168 Doggerel 378443 60 PC
#169 Sgt. Starshade 377460 60 PC
#170 cracky 371451 58 Xbox
#171 lac333 370989 60 PC
#172 Legendaurel 369773 60 PS2
#173 Keane 367859 60 PC
#174 Gros Globox 365196 60 GC
#175 NesManiac 364283 60 PC
#176 Tulio 363695 57 PC
#177 Davoc 361560 56 PC
#178 ronide 361536 60 PC
#179 Birds858 361182 60 GC
#180 Rsandee 356021 60 PC
#181 BobbyDazzler 355703 59 PC
#182 Revoz 354891 60 PC
#183 Pirez 351841 58 PS2
#184 El Dango 351254 60 PS2
#185 irvindu12 350666 58 GC
#186 Arz 349427 58 GC
#187 Hoozang 347887 60 PC
#188 abhinav 345823 59 PS2
#189 serpentia 345260 60 PC
#190 Din01 343488 57 PS2
#191 drpwoz 343082 60 GC
#192 RayLight 341004 60 PC
#193 AudreyCroft 340374 57 GC
#194 gorarog 336820 60 PC
#195 Brohan44 333977 60 GC
#196 killian1946 329633 60 PS2
#197 buildersith 328949 60 PS2
#198 stan423321 323872 58 PC
#199 narade 323737 60 Xbox
#200 Klaustridium 323719 58 PC
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Special thanks to Wuigi for helping out with the new Hall of Fame.
Latest posts

Re: Rayman 2
R4Y_ANC3L wrote:It's interesting that when you kill a Robo-pirate in the N64 version of Rayman 2, the death scream of the pirate in that version is identical to the sound of the Robo-pirate death scream in the PS1 Version.

From the few minutes playing it without a controller Pak it looks like it's very similar to the PS1 version with the exception that the PS1 runs and looks a bit better than it. Also the N64 has Midi music as I've been told here before.

Re: Game: Ban the member above you
R4Y was banned for not realizing that those misspelling were intentional for a early April fools prank meaning he is predictable with Rayman

Re: Guilty or Innocent Game
Oh that thing. Guilty because I wanted to collect the Lums.

Ever played a game yourself with a second controller just to earn something for beating up player 2 :lol:?

Re: This or That?
General survival.

Mario or Sonic?

Re: What games are you currently playing?
Are you talking about that weird thing where he kind of slides off the edges of the boxes sometimes where in the original that didn't happen? If that's what you mean I actually noticed that a few times.

Re: What Game Consoles Do You Own?
Ray502 wrote:I'm not so sure. I'll have to think about it but like I said I don't want to like mess something up while trying to get it modded on my own.

Are you able to solder? There's one solder joint that you have to actually make. Mine was working without it so I assumed it was fine but GB/GBC games made the backlight actually flicker slightly. When I soldered that cable onto where it was supposed to go it fixed it. I thought I could get away with not using the cable :P

It was still working perfect with GBA games but the older games must use some sort of weird voltage fluctuations.

Re: What games are you currently playing?
Drol wrote:That broken pill hitbox.

Yup.... sounds about right... this is a MASSIVE issue with Crash 1 specifically on the N Sane Trilogy since out of all three of the titles it requires the most precision, and the original on PS1 was built around box shaped platforms if that makes sense. By making all the platforms pill shaped, it makes precise jumps even harder, making the N Sane Trilogy even more difficult. Sorry to hear you didn't have a great time with it... the only people I could really see enjoying this version of the game are those who already loved the original. I hope you'll enjoy Crash 2 and 3 though for sure. One can hope someone will mod out the pill shaped boxes in the PC version.

Re: What Game Consoles Do You Own?
Hoodcom wrote:And you might be able to find pre-modded ones with the backlight, or kits to go with it, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty by trying yourself. Which it would be great experience.

Yeah, I saw both pre-modded and kit listings on eBay earlier. I'd prefer to get pre-modded so that way I won't risk messing anything up with doing it myself.

steocullen91 wrote:It's actually easy enough to do yourself as long as you're careful with the ribbon cables though and way easier if you order a custom shell instead of cutting the front to fit the screen in like I did :lol:

I'm not so sure. I'll have to think about it but like I said I don't want to like mess something up while trying to get it modded on my own.

Re: The You Game!
< really wants the Burglar bars back to be attached to the windows again.
< is getting sick of this madness of sleeping with the windows closed.

Re: Which box art looks the best? [Poll #17]
Plum's being lazy again! :tssk:

Darn cross out line doesn't go through the smiley.

Time for another false (somewhat) quote:



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