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Rank Username Score Cages Platform
#51 Rayfist 568773 60 PC
#52 Solidchaton1311 564826 60 PC
#53 supmachin 559917 60 Xbox
#54 jonas333 557756 60 PC
#55 JoeBar049 556300 60 PC
#56 Dildo_Potter 554852 46 PC
#57 dorbel0000 551777 60 GC
#58 Metal Bros 548697 60 PC
#59 nicknorry 547524 60 PC
#60 bo-bik 546329 60 PC
#61 DesLife 541788 60 Xbox
#62 YoannM 540971 59 GC
#63 fantasnip05 540524 60 PS2
#64 RibShark 533000 60 GC
#65 saerleiya 528829 60 PC
#66 Track50 523130 60 PC
#67 Zitugi 521554 60 PC
#68 PSSystem 520921 60 PC
#69 Jexter 518495 60 PC
#70 chachouu 515301 60 PC
#71 Spanex 514457 60 PC
#72 Carrot-master 511197 60 PC
#73 Ekfren 510358 60 PC
#74 vadead13 505333 60 PC
#75 lavengeanceduhap 504390 60 PC
#76 PluMGMK 503349 60 PC
#77 yeahyeah_bis 498408 60 GC
#78 Vercingetorix353 495427 60 PC
#79 Harold-_- 489578 60 PC
#80 MrDalitrox 488551 60 PC
#81 medhineufcink 488198 60 PC
#82 Hyiga 485679 60 GC
#83 Ilyes000 485317 60 PC
#84 DunkelDark 478208 60 PC
#85 CHRdutch 475752 60 PS2
#86 HP Zoner 475650 60 PS2
#87 Akon 473431 60 PS2
#88 Hedgehog673 470026 59 GC
#89 Maxanator 465329 60 PS2
#90 colonello 463790 60 PC
#91 Razorbeard 463514 60 PC
#92 PKpeter 462059 60 PC
#93 rolesfamily 461086 60 PS2
#94 Indy 459503 60 PC
#95 Depictable 458956 60 PC
#96 ScorpionOwnYa 458376 60 PC
#97 AlexDaronMape95 456958 60 PS2
#98 jurebj 456049 60 PC
#99 LoïcV63 455007 60 PS2
#100 down-with-gravity 454859 60 PC
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Latest posts

Re: Rayman 3 scores
Maz wrote:Is there other Combos revealed by Cut/myself where you always had problems because of the time-frame?

Well, a few of your/Cuts combos cause some difficulties indeed. Now that I'm thinking of it, especially some combos with a tight powerup time-frame seem impossible to me. For instance in your Double Spinneroo Combo in SBTC 2, I just can't reach the upper level with the HMF, even if I ignore the yellow gems on the way. Or, in DOTK7, Cut said it's possible to kill two of the four Hoodbooms and convert the Lums while wearing the red powerup-suit from the first room, which I can't do either.

Luckily the combo times are usually shorter than the powerup times, so that it shouldn't have such a big impact. There are still some combos, which might be impossible for me, but I wouldn't blame it all on the different game speed (even though it'd serve as a nice excuse :P ).

Sure, all that is still a bit unfortunate, but after all there were always lots of platform differences in this game, so one more or less...
I guess we'll simply have to deal with it.

Maz wrote:If it's not that, there isn't really any useful tips I can give you. Some probably obvious things:

1. After finishing off the second Hoodstormer, get as close to the gate as possible to ensure that the Heckler spawns immediately.
2. As soon as the gate opens, immediately strafe backwards.
3. Immediately shoot the Heckler once he enters the room from as far a distance as possible while strafing back (preferably at all times).
4. Once you hit your hit-button for the second time, IMMEDIATELY release strafe and run for the can. On your way there and back to the Yellow Gem, try to go in as straight a line as possible, as swerving eats up additional time.

Thanks, I'll make sure to follow your advise! Then I'll see whether I can master the combo or whether I'll have to admit defeat. In the latter case it'll probably come down to the IPG in part 1. With this I should be allowed to make quite a few combos easier.
In any case, I look forward going for a "real" maximum again, seeing a nice 100009 before the combo points are ticking in... :D

Re: How's the weather?

A few clouds.

Feels like 99
Mainly clear into this evening.

Re: Music you are listening to now!

Re: The You Game!
Another girl messed with < today.
She bumped into < on purpose and was like "oh sorry, you were in the way..." and played as if she was innocent. :pascontent:

< had a T-square at that time. Does < really has to use it? Probably not.. :mefiant:

Re: Music you are listening to now!

Re: Running Rayman Forever's GOG release w/ larger resolution & gamepad?
I set up Joy2Key with my XB1 controller to emulate the arrow and letter keys, but when I run Forever in the Rayman Plus config with a bigger window, the controller input doesn't register at all. Every time I think I solve a problem with this, a new one pops up.

Re: Mon grand retour.
Ursula ?
Tiens, quand j'ai fait cette signature il y a trois ans j'avais un peu en tête un personnage de Inferno de Dan Brown, par laquelle un autre personnage était obsédé. Je n'imaginais quand même pas que quelqu'un deviendrait obsédé par la signature elle-même… :fou:

Re: Le Grand Quizz des Ptizêtres!
Zzzzz... :zzz:
Ah, enfin ! :baille:

Scores :
Toxine : 9
Ray502 : 6
PluM : 2
LoveMetal, Harpic, Hunch : 1

Question 21 : Dans quel ordre déverrouille-t-on les 3 personnages secrets de Rayman M ?

Re: Rayman promo gadgets
Ça aurait été un stylo Rayman, j'aurais de suite su que c'était Toxine, mais là je me demande bien où elle a pu passer !

Re: Rayman promo gadgets
Hunchman801 wrote:Moi en tout cas j'ai perdu le mien. :lol: :oops2:
Bien joué, tête de zizi.

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