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Rank Username Score Cages Platform
#1 MandM81 900056 60 Xbox
#2 Maz 888875 60 PC
#3 Cut 887220 60 PC
#4 1234 868225 60 PC
#5 Xenon 850283 60 PS2
#6 Mountain Goat 848122 24 PC
#7 Jona 840572 60 PC
#8 fzeroman 828246 60 GC
#9 Nikkoss 820848 60 GC
#10 Danone 815620 60 PC
#11 Ray502 812042 60 PS2
#12 thomscube 809152 60 PC
#13 #Toilet Paper# 807670 60 PC
#14 magicglobox 805763 60 PC
#15 BestXIII 803679 60 PC
#16 Block 798697 60 GC
#17 babyromu 796153 60 GC
#18 Speekey 790813 60 Xbox
#19 Tiger_5 787934 60 GC
#20 Dark_Shadow 771960 60 PC
#21 raymanrules77 757371 60 PC
#22 Harpic fraîcheur 750498 60 PC
#23 andarara 734616 60 PC
#24 Toxine 734602 60 PC
#25 Rai 723488 60 PS2
#26 Sajiki 714605 60 PC
#27 Rayrobi 701789 60 PC
#28 ReignOwner 692468 60 PC
#29 Slurpy 689431 60 PC
#30 Newray 663132 60 GC
#31 Ambidextroid 655729 60 PC
#32 Hunchman801 654952 60 PC
#33 jeje78 652988 60 PC
#34 Fosti 648721 60 PS2
#35 Peter.Parker 644178 60 PC
#36 Lysol 641347 60 PC
#37 MaGiiKiLL 621427 60 Xbox
#38 Adsolution 620950 60 GC
#39 Da Holy raywiz ! 616666 60 PC
#40 M3T30R0 610741 60 PC
#41 ElZboub 607215 60 GC
#42 RayoMz 604113 60 PC
#43 tomyoda 601784 60 GC
#44 Philippe317 597142 60 PC
#45 demon354 586827 60 PC
#46 Brounaus 581384 60 Xbox
#47 poweraider 580733 60 Xbox
#48 Phoenixan 577267 60 PC
#49 boomboleros7 571295 60 PC
#50 Haruka 571084 60 PC
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Special thanks to Wuigi for helping out with the new Hall of Fame.
Latest posts

Re: Thirteenth edition of the posts in a day record
I talked with some friends about that and the idea of a "internet marathon" has deeply tempted them, so I dunno how things will turn out but I might end up being forced to participate by them and all of this while drunk, if not well I guess that I'll do my best to pop around a bit since my schedule has saturday as a work day...

Re: Upcoming Games
Ubisoft release a new video about his line-up for the E3 2018.

Apprently there will be new games announced during the conference but, there will be probably no Rayman game for this E3.

Re: Guilty or Innocent Game
Innocent. Thank goodness.

Ever cooked for your family?

Re: Off Topic
Hunchman801 wrote:
incognito wrote:Now imagine the following, you're in a long line, in a bank as an example, in a tight corridor, and you decide to go postal and take out a micro Uzi outta your bag, you start shooting the guy facing you, but the bullets hardly go through the body the other people are using as a meatshield... So you take out a Magnum Research BFR chambered in.500 S&W Magnum cal... You know the drill... Goes through everythin' like if it was butter.

What you got there is an analysis of the penetration of high cal into a flesh body, the M16's bullet being 5.56, however I'll let you know that a Micro Uzi can only be chambered in small cal such as 9mm or 22lr...

Hunchman801 wrote:
incognito wrote:Now I'm talking about small cal to be legal because a protection against it it possible, put on a kevlar with some plates, and it's all right (As long as it ain't subsonic though, but this is reserved to special forces). While if you wanna try to protect yourself from some 5.56 NATO or 7.62, I wish you good fuckin luck, shit's even going through sandbags... I swear that it would be a huge progress to even regulate the circulations of weapons of war, just calculate the chances of surviving a blast of 22.long vs a goddamn 5.56 out of a AR-15, excluding the possibility of a headshot, chances of survival are always higher with small calibers...
I'm not convinced that having everyone walk around with a 'bulletproof' vest is the solution here
Boosts chances of survival however. In my opinion the main issue is social there, massive shootings happen in school for a reason, and if automatic weapons weren't there you can be sure who did that would've done it with as much as a lawnmower blade or a makeshift flamethrower, if not even both, the weapons themselves ain't pushing these dudes on the edge of postalness.
Now I picture a kid grabbing The great communicator for a massacre... Weapons surely boost the bodycount though, but the trend of more and more dudes being pushed to their lower instincts is surely caused by something...

Re: Rayman 2
Play this at a high volume. I dare you.

Re: Music you are listening to now!
Sam & Max games are underrated.

Re: Food
Haha yeah kinda, mostly during those posting sprees Hood and me had last year. :P

Re: The You Game!
< has finished Algebra 2! Now all that's left for < is to complete Spanish class. < has today and tomorrow to do only 2 assessments and 1 exam. :)

Re: Food
Ah yes. Wasn't your love for pizza a meme here for a while? :P

Re: Food
Cooking a pizza right now. It's in the oven. Can't wait to eat it. :P

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