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Rayman Kart
Published by Gameloft S.A.
Developed by Gameloft Bulgaria EOOD

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Produced by Dobromir Grigorov (Miro)
Designed by Stanislas Dewavrin (lead game designer) Vesselin Jilov, Vladimir Milchevski, Lyubomir Iliev (game design)
Programmed by Valeri Vuchov, Emil Veselinov Popov, Stefan Nikolaev Nikolov, Mikhail Lozanov
Art by Arthur Hugot (art director), Dimitar Dimitrov (lead graphic artist)
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Release date 2007
Genre Racing game
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms J2ME (Java-based for mobile phones)
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Rayman Kart is a spin-off game developed exclusively for certain modern mobile phones and was published by Gameloft in 2007. It is the first Rayman go-kart racer, though it borrows heavily from games such as Mario Kart. Because it was designed to be used on different mobile phone models, it comes in different resolutions and colour palettes, resulting in differences between the graphics, sound and features of the game. As of 2008 it is compatible with most colour phones models registered to O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile.


Rayman and his friends and enemies race through various race courses, some based on levels in the previous Rayman games, with go-karts and try to win Lums that unlock new worlds, challenges, go-karts and characters. Along the way there are pickups, such as boxer gloves, tornadoes and nuclear missiles as well as a character's special power up, to be found and used either for the player or to slow down the other racers. Due to the game being designed for such a small device as a mobile phone, the controls are very limited. There are 8 levels to choose from, and each one had four challenges - an easy race, a hard race, time attack and Lums mode. The player can also play three cups races.


Power-ups are traditionally found in spinning boxes with question marks on, and the computer chooses one of the following at random.

  • Boxer Gloves: Spin around the character and are thrown at opponents.
  • Boost: Gives the player two boosts.
  • Fairy Blessing: Increases the player's speed and makes them invincible for a while (though not immune to Nukes).
  • Nuke: Locks onto the racer in first place and knocks him off guard.
  • Tornado: Sends all the other racers flying.
  • Special: Allows a character to use his special power up.


Classic Cups

Playable characters

The game features characters from many of the previous Rayman games as well as the recent Rayman Raving Rabbids games. Murfy makes a cameo appearance as well, counting how many laps the player has been through.


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