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Mad Trax

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The introduction displayed at the beginning of the minigame tells the player that [[Rayman]] has been shrunk to take part in a race across a microscopic course which fits in the hand of its architect, [[Globox]]. From this it can be deduced that the Game Boy Advance player is controlling Globox's actions as he attempts to help Rayman to complete the course. A similar multiplayer minigame, entitled [[Wheelis]], can also be played in this version of ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]''. Wheelis is almost identical to Mad Trax, except that it is played by four players rather than two; in this minigame, there are two GameCube players and two Game Boy Advance players (two GameCube controllers and two Game Boy Advance consoles are required). The first GameCube player and the first Game Boy Advance player must compete against the other two; while the first team controls Rayman and Globox, the second team controls [[Gumsi]] and [[Reflux]], with Gumsi riding in Rayman's other [[Crazy Shoe]].
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