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The Schplong

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[[File:SchplongStart.jpg|320px|right|thumb|The Title Screen for the Schplong minigame.]]
'''The Schplong''' (also spelled '''The Chplong''') is a hidden minigame exclusive to ''[[Rayman Revolution]]''.
In order to access the Schplong, [[Rayman]] must go first travel to [[the Iron Mountains]], a level accessible from [[Rainbow Creek]] and climb into late in the game. At the very end of the first phase, [[balloon|Rayman]] must jump into a hot air balloon]] which leads to [[the Iron Mountainsballoon]]. During the flightto the level's next phase, a brief in-engine cutscene is played, showing [[Rayman ]] soaring through the air in the [[balloon]]. If the player presses all of the buttons on square or the controller circle button 15 times during this cutscene, everything but the background of sky and fast-moving clouds disappears. The message ‘Rayman ‘[[Rayman]] is on a killing spree!’ is quickly displayed, followed by ‘Welcome to The Schplong – Press Fire to Start’. Upon pressing the ‘square’ button, the player is thrust into the minigame with no further instructions.  The Schplong's gameplay is almost identical to that of ''[ Pong]'', the early arcade game which it parodies. The player controls a vertical blue bar which hovers at the left side of the screen; it looks like a segment of [[Rayman]]'s oxygen bar. The opponent of the minigame is a vertical yellow bar which hovers at the right side of the screen; it looks like a segment of [[Rayman]]'s health bar. The heads-up display features two counters – one labelled ‘Player 1’ and the other labelled ‘Computer’. Above each is a zero. The minigame's name is also displayed near the bottom of the screen, though the ‘S’ removed. The [[The Elixir of Life]] (a [[skull ]] containing a green liquid) appears at the beginning of the minigame and flies towards the player’s player's blue bar. The player must manoeuvre their bar vertically to block [[Elixir of Life|the Elixir]], causing it to bounce towards the opposing bar. The computer-controlled yellow bar then attempts to block [[Elixir of Life|the Elixir]], sending it back to the player. Assuming that both bars are successful, [[Elixir of Life|the Elixir ]] continues to bounce between them and the horizontal edges of the screen, constantly gathering speed. Eventually one of the bars fails to block [[Elixir of Life|the Elixir]]; this means that the other bar has scored a point, and the respective counter on the heads-up display increases appropriately. When the blue bar scores a point, a happy sound plays, such as [[Rayman]] going 'Yeah!' When the yellow bar scores a point, a sad sound is played, such as the sound [[Rayman]] makes if he swings on a [[Purple Lum]]. The minigame has been completed successfully when the player has successfully scored five points; should they concede five points, the they lose the minigame.  Once they have won or lost, they the player can choose to replay the minigame or exit.Upon exiting, the player is transported to the second part of [[the Iron Mountains]], as if the minigame had never happened. <gallery widths="320px" heights="240px">SchplongGame.jpg|This minigame is a replica of the famous ''[ Pong]'' game.</gallery>
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*[ The Schplong playthrough at YouTube(PlayStation 2 version)] {{Rayman2minigames}} [[fr:Schplong]][[pl:The Schplong]]
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