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== Description ==
This race track only contains the Training mode. The landscape is, unlike the twelve main race tracks which feature a ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]''-related theme, a 3D skeleton. Its level structure can vary as long as the player keeps replaying the race course, since it is a fragment of a straight forward map just like [[Born To Slide]]. It contains wireframes of [[Rayman]], [[Tily]] and an unknown character, normal and inverted speed arrows, pink walls with writings falling down, pink bumpers, climbing walls, slippery paths and the fourth part of a lap fragment of [[Speed Stress]]. In the PC version of ''[[Rayman M]]'', there is an exclusive picture of [[Rayman]] dressed like the character Neo, from the science fictionsci-fi action film ''[ the The Matrix]'', with green symbols in code against the black background. A wireframe model of [[Rayman]] in this costume can be found in the Future race course.
[[File:RM-PC-Future-Training-LoadingScreen.jpg|left|thumb|320px|The Future loading screen in ''[[Rayman M]]'''s PC version]]
==External links==
* [ Future's Training playthrough at YouTube (Rayman M - PC version)]
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