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In the [[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (GBA)|Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']], [[Rayman]] receives the power to fly with his Helicopter so long as he consumed a [[Blue Lum]] - small ones would let him fly for a little while, whereas large ones allowed him to fly until the end of the level, similar to that of the world [[Magmacosm]]. [[Blue Lum]]s are first found in [[Prickly Passage]], however you cannot use them until you have been given the power to do so by [[Ly]]. The first main level in this game to use these [[Blue Lum]]s to continue is [[the Underlands]]. In this game, [[Rayman]] is unable to fly like the other games, as he can only stay a-float for 3 seconds until he falls.
[[File:Rayman-RaymanOriginsOrigins Raymantcm2118300.jpgpng|thumb|300px150px|right|The helicopter in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. (Seen on the top right)]]
In ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', [[Rayman]], [[Globox]], and the [[Teensies]] recieve the power to glide after rescuing [[Holly Luya]] from the mouth of a Darktoon. The helicopter allows you to glide over obstacles and can lift you up if you use the ability in air.


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