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| sex = Female
| status = Competitor
| relatives = [[Admiral Razorbeard]] (husband)<br />
Unnamed mother-in-law
{{quote|text=Her more refined and fashionable appearance (sunglasses, dress etc.) thinly veils the same traits as [[Razorbeard|her horrible husband]], only worse...|sign=Manual|source=''[[Rayman M]]''}}
'''Razorwife''' (sometimes known as '''Mrs Razorbeard''') is a character that appears in ''[[Rayman M]]'', ''[[Rayman Arena]]'' and its PlayStation port, ''[[Rayman Rush]]'', as an unlockable playable character. As her name suggests, she is the wife of [[Admiral Razorbeard|Razorbeard]]'s wife.
==Character description==
==''Rayman Arena'' (Gamecube and Xbox) description==
<blockquote>'''Profession:''' THE Bad Guy's wife. <br>
'''Likes:''' Feeding her carnivorous plants, ordering her husband around, and long-lasting make-up <br>
'''Dislikes:''' Her husband bringing his work home, dishes badly washed, and her mother-in-law (who blames her for [[Admiral Razorbeard|Razorbeard]]'s failure in his career as THE Bad Guy). <br>
'''Address:''' Villa "Home Sweet Home" – in the kitchen next to the rolling pin.</blockquote> 


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