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{{Character | name = Anglerfish| image = [[File:Anglerfish.png|center|250px]]| alignment = Bad| appears in = ''[[Rayman Origins]]''| sex = Unknown}} '''Anglerfish''' are enemies found in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. They appear make their most prominent appearances in the [[Scuba ShootoutAngsty Abyss]], and serve the light coming out of their antennae serves as protection from [[Tentacle Claw]]s, as the light from their antennae cause causes them to back off. Despite their helpful naturefeature that makes them similar to the [[Luminous Fish]], they are still harmful enemies, and shouldn't be touched by [[Rayman]] or his friends. While their spikes and fangs make them physically invincible to regular contact, they can be bubblized by several [[mosquito]] shots; however, doing this will cause the lights to turn off, attracting the Tetacle Claws.
[[Category: Aquatic creatures]]


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