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[[Image:Rayman3cage_acarr.PNG|thumb|320px|left|A cage in ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]'']]
[[Image:Medalionrayman3_acarr.PNG|thumb|320px|right|A medallion from ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]'']]
This time, the only creatures that are trapped inside cages are [[Teensie]]s that have been captured by the [[Hoodlum]]s, and there are 60 cages in total. Again, not all of them have to be destroyed in order to advance to the final boss level, but backtracking will still be needed for maximum health. Reminiscing [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'']], each cage that is destroyed fills up a medallion, though this time when each medallion is filled with 6 cages, [[Rayman]]'s life bar increases. The cages in this game look different to the other games, as they are wooden in the structure of a bird-cage, tied to a balloon that suspends it into the air.
Cages are also found in [[:Category:Handheld games|all Rayman games on the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance]].
==Cages in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''==


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